Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division - Negative News Yet Again

Another violent patient has assaulted another patient at BHD. 

First question:  Why aren't violent mental health patients segregated from the general population at BHD?

Second question:  Why haven't the medical director and nursing director been replaced?  They are the same people who were in charge for all the other assault problems that occurred at BHD.  Why isn't their lack of effective leadership called into question?  Aside from collecting large paychecks, what is their role at BHD?

Third question:  This is a training unit for psychiatry residents.  Are those residents receiving adequate supervision?

Replacing the administrator at BHD does not seem to have changed anything; the status quo is still strong, up and running at BHD.  Problem is, the status quo utterly fails.  Where is the leadership at BHD?

BHD continues to be an embarrassment for Milwaukee County administration.  Perhaps a private initiative is the most appropriate course of action to replace the current leadership at BHD.  It is increasingly obvious that long term BHD administrators cannot do the job.

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