Monday, August 15, 2011

Is America Mentally Ill?

Is this country suffering from a major mental illness? 

1.  Michele Bachmann won a straw poll in Iowa, insuring her run for president in 2012.  Michele Bachmann.  A tea bag steeped in religious rhetoric.  Since she is submissive to her husband and believes a woman's role is to obey, who will actually be running the country?  Her homophobe spouse?

2.  Rick Perry, another wannabe for the oval office, held a prayer meeting to address the concerns of Texas's drought.  I don't think the birds, armadillos, and other wildlife received any benefit from that action.  I can visualize Rick Perry on his knees most of the time, since it's his belief what he doesn't have in knowledge he can make up for in faith. 

3.  Are these people seriously going to be our leaders?

4.  The Pakistan government allowed Chinese military engineers to examine the wreckage of a stealth helicopter after it crashed during the Osama bin Laden raid.  Great.  And we're in Pakistan, why?  Because the Pakistanis are our allies?  We're fighting terror?  Does no one realize that in the Arab world, America is seen as the terrorist.  Are they wrong?

5.  Barack Obama did not cause the financial demise of the United States of America.  That was brought to you courtesy of the GOP and the demise of laws and regulations that oversaw Wall Street.  Yet, the propaganda being espoused is that President Obama is somehow responsible for our country's faltering economy.  Rich people are responsible for this.  They took the money, they ran, they behaved criminally, and they are still out there waiting for the next opportunity to shaft the American public. 

6.  The Koch Brothers say they don't have to adhere to the EPA's clean water act standards because our Governor gave them permission to foul the Fox River with toxic waste from their paper plant.  Scott Walker thinks he can usurp federal agency rules.  Is anyone going after these clowns, who are not really funny, but are dangerous animals intent on destroying the planet in the name of profit? 

7.  Why isn't a revolution taking form?   Where are the great thinkers?  We need a Ghandi.   We need something that doesn't stink of status quo.  We need to tear down America and rebuild it into something believable.  Because right now, this country is F*cking unbelievable and all I seem to be doing is watching it's very bad karma return.

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