Wednesday, August 3, 2011

People of Walmart

Occasionally, I get an e-mail with extremely funny pictures of people shopping at Walmart.  These e-mails are actually called "People of Walmart", and consist of photographic submissions of ridiculous looking people shopping at Walmart.  Usually, the pictures show 200 pounds of person stuffed in 100 pound clothing.  Body parts hang, bulge, and burst out of the clothing, ridiculous hairstyles abound, peoples butts and boobs scream for attention, tattoos take on new life with an additional twenty pounds, etc.  You get the picture.  The images are meant to amuse, and they do, although in a somewhat smug, superior way for those of us viewing.  I'm no Miss America, but I do cover my ass in public.

But then, I remember.  These people who go out in public looking like dangerously overstuffed freaks are the same people who vote.  Now I ask you, if people don't have sense enough to dress properly, how do they vote?  I will tell you.  With the same discretion they use to pick their outfit of the day.  This is America.  People of Walmart.

Somebody buy me a plane ticket out of here.

By the way, Walmart is a terrible organization.  They are the single largest exploiter of global child labor.  They have destroyed small business.  So even if you go to Walmart dressed to the nines, you're still an idiot.  There is a high price for low cost.  And Americans who shop at Walmart are willing to pay it.

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