Friday, July 29, 2011

Wisconsin a Testing Ground?

Okay, fellow Wisconsinites.  Our state appears to be a testing ground for the GOP to promote their "conservative" agenda.  Conservative, in this context, seems to mean, how can we f*ck over the middle class, give more money to the ultra-rich, and trample the rights of ordinary people trying to make it in extraordinarily difficult times.

Please take back our state.  Let the GOP fail the test and let it start right here.  If we truly want to be a progressive state, then this MUST be our agenda. 

Let's get rid of the trash-talking, lying bastards who call themselves republican state senators.  Then let's get rid of Scott Walker.  Wisconsin is infected with a terrible fungus that came from tea bags.  The only cure is your vote!!!!!

Alberta Darling Backs Paul Ryan

Seriously?  Paul Ryan?  His only backers seem to be people intent on destroying the middle class.  What does that tell you about Alberta Darling?

1.  She has terrible judgment.
2.  Her friends are idiots.
3.  Her political allies are a who's who list of absolute morons engaged in the destruction of middle class America.

August 9th is coming up fast!  Send Alberta Darling Packing!  She's sure to surface in some other role where she can wreak havoc, but let's get her out of Madison.  I'm counting on the sanity of most Wisconsinites to wield their vote and send Ms. Darling into the realms of insignificance. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alberta Darling Still Banking on a Stupid Constituency

The current television ads attacking Sandy Paasch are further proof that Alberta Darling thinks we're downright dumb.

Alberta Darling comes across as very mean-spirited, and these new attack ads proves that she, indeed, is very mean-spirited.  She is also bordering on desperation to resort to the kind of propaganda she's spreading.  Recalling Alberta Darling is a number one priority, and I believe Ms. Darling will have to find new employment, soon.  I look forward to August 10th, when we can all celebrate the demise of Ms. Darling's political career.  Ms. Darling may have aligned herself with billionaires to help her cause, but the people of Wisconsin will vote with that knowledge.  We have nothing in common with the Koch Brothers, and therefore, we have NOTHING in common with Alberta Darling.   More importantly, Alberta Darling has no idea who the citizens of Wisconsin actually are, so why would we want her representing us?

On August 9th, please send a message to Alberta Darling.  We are not stupid.  We are not billionaires.  And we are not going to tolerate any more fascist politicians.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Apparently, Recall Walker signs are showing up in Wauwatosa neighborhoods, home to our unillustrious Governor.  This is rather amusing.  No home-town support for Oil Can Scotty, obviously.

There is some controversy about whether the signs can be legally displayed, since Scott Walker's recall election won't become a reality until January, 2012.  Apparently, political signs can't be displayed until there is an actual election on the ballot.  However, the City of Wauwatosa will have a fight on their hands if they try to remove the signs on that basis.  This is, after all, America, and Americans have never been shy about expressing their opinions, or dissuaded from doing so.  This may seem like a non-issue to many people, but I find it very interesting that Tosan's have taken a stand against their homie. 

I've seen many bumper stickers with Recall Walker on them, and have to go get myself one.  I think the Sheriff's Department probably has better things to do than stop cars on the freeway displaying this sign, pre-ballot.  In short shrift, every other car will probably be sporting one. 

I believe the recall of Scott Walker is inevitable.  I hope the recall of Alberta Darling is a slam dunk for challenger Sandy Paasch. 

I am watching, intently, Wisconsin's move toward a more sane governing body, and hoping that the average joe citizen of this state (i.e., me) actually can win an ideological argument against the ruling class. 

In short, let's take back our power.  Our power is our vote.  Our vote cannot be discounted.  On Wisconsin!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Hate the Republicans

Let me note here, I find the Republican Party and John Boehner the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune with which to share the same time on earth.

The Republicans caused the financial crisis we're in.  The Republicans want the United States to fail so they can blame President Obama.  The Republican Agenda is an agenda of nonsense.

The Politics of America are buried under six tons of Republican bullshit, and it's looking like all Americans are being buried alive by this band of criminals.

I have respect for conservative viewpoints.  I do not, however, have any respect for the GOP, and I'd very much like to see all of these horse asses waterboarded for crimes against the American public.  And I will kick the ass of anyone who sees fit to disagree with me.

So bring it.  I'm fighting mad.  I hope the rest of this country is, too.  It's time for a revolution.

Michelle Bachman's Migraine Headaches

Great.  Michelle Bachman suffers from migraine headaches.  Debilitating migraine headaches.  Despite the fact that Ms. Bachman has done well in recent polls, begging the ever present question in my mind, what the F*ck is wrong with the American public, she still gets headaches.

Her husband is busy trying to psychoanalyze gays to become straight.  I wonder what he suffers?  Anyone this homophobic must certainly have some interesting underlying issues.  If therapy was a rational alternative for gender orientation, then is it equally possible that with the right therapist, I could actually turn my brown eyes gray?  I've always wanted gray eyes.

My major concern, however, is that many people in this country take Michelle Bachman seriously.  We have freedom of religion in this country, but can't we have freedom from religion?  Michelle Bachman's religiosity scares me half to death.  People enmeshed in the new Christian-mania seem the exact anti-thesis of Christian principles.  Their narrow perceptions of how the world should function (never mind how the world got started) gives me chills when I think about a future of rabidly religious Christians imposing their beliefs on the rest of us, who seriously question our own meaning.

I know that religion is the opiate of the masses, which furthers my belief that Americans are junkies at their very core.  We all want to feel better, and we're finding out that our stuff just doesn't make us feel good.

I have a friend who was raised in the catholic church, has struggled with personal issues for much of her life, and who has devoted herself to spiritual studies for the past ten years.  Her existence has changed the lives of many people, also struggling, and she is committed to helping her fellow man.  She is more zen than catholic now, and she made an interesting comment to me that she found a book, a thin little self-help book, that has answered many of her questions, and has been the culmination of all her searching. 

Sight unseen, I ordered the book yesterday so I could read it myself.  Unread, I'm recommending it to my readers here based on her profound belief that it's the best thing she ever came across.  I trust her implicitly.

The book is "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Apparently, if we apply the four agreements (which we make with ourselves) to our own lives, and not worry about everybody else, we'll be a more peaceful, enlightened society.  Can't wait for the mailman to deliver it.

Meanwhile, let me just say that I have resisted self-help for most of my life.  Too many recipes out there and I'm on sensory overload when I try to delve into the mystery of my own existence and behaviors.  But I will read this book and review it later.  I tried to write a self-help book once, but I couldn't get past the title page, which was "Self-Help for the Homicidal".

That I'm recommending "The Four Agreements" without actually having read it is a testament to how much I cherish my friend's opinion.  Without her in my life, I would still be struggling with many unsettling and dysfunctional attitudes that I've collected over the years.  She has taught me many things, most importantly, the art of forgiveness.  That, alone, has been worth every self-help book in the library, in terms of my ability to be and stay peaceful.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Burglars and other Annoyances

Our security system went off at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.  We thought it was a programming error, but turns out, someone was in our garage.  There are a couple of bikes in our garage, and my new car, a lawnmower and some gardening stuff, but it's not a treasure trove for a burglar.  At any rate, my husband was on his way out the door to investigate, when I grabbed him by the seat of his pants and told him not to go outside.  He went upstairs to try to get a better view when I saw a young man step out of the garage and stare at the house.  He must have heard the extremely annoying sound the alarm makes when a door is breached.  So there we were, staring at each other.  It was a totally weird moment in my life.

At any rate, the burglar was scared off and the cops were at my house within five minutes.  It was an unsettling experience, but it made me think about the state of our society.  Joblessness.  Poverty.  Those conditions are extremely evident just a half mile from my house.  If people can't get what they need via legitimate methods, the result is that they'll take what they need via any opportunity that presents itself.  And who, really, can blame them?

The ever widening gap between the haves and have nots is rapidly bringing societal changes that are less than comfortable.  I imagine that our burglar would have been tucked nicely in his bed if he had a job to go to the following morning.  Maybe I'm being naive.  Our burglar was young, probably not out of his teenage years.  When I saw four police officers with guns drawn move into my backyard and the garage, I was somehow relieved that the intruder had taken off.  Missing a bike or having a car window broken seems infinitely better than seeing a dead teenager in my garden.  I realize I'm feeling conflicted about the whole situation, much the way I'm feeling conflicted about living in America these days.

Regardless, I mentioned to my husband that I was concerned about coming home from work on my next evening shift, because he'll be at our place in the northwoods.  His solution was to teach me how to load a pistol and prepare it for firing.  Ugh.  I'm terrified of guns.  But there it is, loaded and ready to maim, in my bedside table.  Hopefully, I won't shoot my cat (or my foot) by mistake out of fear and anxiety if my security is threatened.  Maybe I'll sleep with my shoes on.

I think that this is just a preview of things to come in America.  If we're not all living in fear already (silly fear about defending our possessions, I might add), we will be.  I believe the only way to relieve our anxiety would be to actually work to improve the situation of people far less fortunate than us.  Seems logical enough.  I guess the ultra-wealthy don't understand the motivation of the ultra-poor.  And that will be their downfall. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alberta Darling Thinks You're Stupid

Ads on television touting Alberta Darling makes one wonder.  How dumb does she think her constituency actually is?

Sandy Paasch voted for pork?  I don't think so.  For one, Sandy Paasch is Jewish.  For two, Sandy Paasch does not have special interests at her heart and core, unless they are for the common good.  For three, Sandy Paasch doesn't whore to the highest bidder.  And most importantly, Sandy Paasch would never align herself with a complete idiot like Scott Walker.

Anyhow, the television ads attacking Sandy Paasch are downright laughable, except maybe Alberta Darling's backers (can you say Koch brothers?) are right that lots of people in her area are ignorant.  Anyhow, when I see a Pot calling a Kettle black, I'm always suspicious.  Maybe Alberta Darling is smoking pot.  And there's Sandy Paasch's next commercial.  If Darling promoters are going to advertise such outrageous untruths, then Sandy Paasch should question Alberta Darling's integrity by insisting she undergo a drug test.  Darling's on something.  It can't be pot.....pot makes people, uh, nicer, or at least less able to formulate evil plans.  Whatever Alberta Darling is on, we hope she enters rehab soon.

Alberta Darling
Hooked, Lined and Stinker

Monday, July 18, 2011

John Chianelli Back in News

Big surprise.  Former Behavioral Health Division director (who was demoted due to incompetence, then dehired because someone at the County actually had a good idea that got implemented) is back in the news.  Not in a good way.

Apparently, no one conducted an exit interview with Mr. Chianelli which would have covered the Milwaukee County Ethics Policy.  Ergo, Mr. Chianelli violated the policy by meeting with a county employee to pitch a bid for business to be tossed the way of his new employer.

Some people never get it.  Mr. Chianelli seems to be one of those. 

After resigning, in disgrace, from any position, a person should have plenty of time to consider their professional conduct and learn from past mistakes.  Not so, Mr. Chianelli.  Milwaukeeans are getting used to seeing Mr. Chianelli's face on the front page of newspapers.  His only true talent seems to lie in being caught  in controversy.

The delivery of mental health services in this county has always been lacking.  While one can blame budget issues for most of that, one can't help but feel that the problems are far more entrenched, starting with administrators who are not qualified to do the job.  That more or less covers Mr. Chianelli's entire career as a local government employee.  Milwaukee County is mired in its own dysfunction.  So is John Chianelli.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Local headline: Walker says he can work with Democrats

Who is Scott Walker kidding?  This article, literally, had me laughing. 

He can't work with anyone, except the ultra-wealthy who share his concept of survival of the richest.

Anyhow, after reading the article, which had to be generated by Oil Can Scotty's continued dismal poll ratings, I felt disgusted, not just by Scott Walker, who is now, clearly, grasping at straws to sustain his political life, but by the Citizens of Wisconsin who voted this yokel into office. 

I think it is absolutely imperative that the negative feelings we all have for Scott Walker stay at the forefront of our collective awareness.  We have several months to go before the recall election for Scott Walker will happen.  It is important that we don't believe the propagandized lies that Scott Walker continues to tell.  This blog will be devoted to following all aspects of Scott Walker's recall and finally watching him slink back to Wauwatosa with his tail between his legs.  It is heartening to drive around the state and see all the bumper stickers and farm field notices proclaiming the recall of Scott Walker as the right action!  Not only is the recall of Scott Walker the only reasonable action reasonable persons can take, it appears to be a very popular consensus.

For Scott Walker to say he can work with Democrats is an outrageous lie.  Scott Walker's political life is over.   He is merely being sustained on the life support that is our legislative process. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Walker's Approval Rating or 57% of us are not INSANE!!!!!

Scott Walker's approval rating fell to 43% in a statewide survey released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling.

43% of the citizens of this State think Scott Walker is O.K. 

That's enough of a margin to kick his A$$ out of office, people!

43% of the citizens of this State are inept thinkers.

43% of the citizens of this State have the same political knowledge Scott Walker possesses, i.e., ZERO.

43% of the citizens of this State have confused pork with cheese.

43% of the citizens of this State wouldn't be able to answer a ten question quiz on the State's political issues.

At any rate, 43% isn't enough for Scott Walker to remain in office.

Take Heart Wisconsinites!  The Emperor and his cast of bully pulpit pork pawning pissant little power barons are on their way to the history books, and will live forever in infamy and shame. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fake Democrats

Well, the GOP, the Party of Dirty Tricks, didn't quite get anywhere with their ploy of running fake candidates to circumvent the recall elections of such illustrious people as Alberta Darling. 

Showing identification at polling places greatly slowed down the election process, another obstacle brought to you by the GOP.

And a last ditch power grab, a proposal to redistrict the state to give full advantage to Republican candidates, also seems to be going nowhere.

I don't know how anyone can take this political party seriously, but I guess we have to, given the numerous outrageous acts in which they engage. 

Is the pendulum swinging back to sanity?  It would appear so.  The ultimate recall elections will be the test, and we, thoughtful and caring citizens of Wisconsin, are certainly determined and hopeful that we can reclaim our state from the Republican whores who have tried to exploit us.

But the most important recall election is still months away, the recall of Governor Scott Walker.  This will certainly be the biggest news story in Wisconsin since Scott Walker completely raped and ravaged the working class last January.

I hope all of this political chaos has made the people of this great state aware of just what is at stake when elections roll around.  The sleeping giant of the middle class has certainly been poked into action.  We simply cannot take our civic duty of voting for granted, ever again.  We can't ignore the importance of every single vote.  Apathy, in the State of Wisconsin, damn near killed us.  We can't, as a conscientious whole, allow apathy to prevail.  When it does, bad candidates come to power.

I am glad enough people in the districts where recall elections took place turned out to vote and the result was anti-GOP.  Stopping the underhanded tactics of the GOP should be priority one here in Wisconsin.  I'm confidant that it will carry through, and we will rid ourselves of Oil Can Scotty at the first opportunity.  Never has a leader (?) been so ripe for removal from office.  Get involved.  Get informed.  Get Rid Of Walker!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Not Guilty?

Well, there are criminal trials and then there are criminal trials.  Not since the O.J. Simpson verdict has there been such a miscarriage of justice.  I'm not a lawyer, and I am not educated on the fine points of a strong legal defense, but the evidence was overwhelming, in my opinion, and that Ms. Anthony is going to walk out of jail and back into her inconvenienced and interrupted life seems disgustingly unfair. 

The bottom line, I guess, is that there is a two year old child dead.  Her mother didn't report her missing for a month.  Her mother researched techniques to subdue a victim and her mother borrowed a shovel from a neighbor to bury the child in a swampy area not far from her parent's home.  Evidence of a decomposing body in Casey Anthony's car trunk just further pointed the finger at her.  None of the evidence mattered, though. 

Here's the question.  Obviously, the little girl had people who loved her and would have gladly raised her because Casey Anthony was not up to the challenges of motherhood at this stage of her life.  Instead, Casey Anthony killed her.  Why was that act the ultimate solution for Ms. Anthony?  Ms. Anthony seems intent on causing pain and misery to people, especially her parents, and of course, her own child.  There is something terribly wrong with Casey Anthony, something fundamental is missing.  She is a sociopath with no discernible qualities that would qualify her as a human being.

Ms. Anthony is a sick woman, who is now back on the streets.  She is a liar.  She is a killer.  She is as cold as the dead.  The Casey Anthony saga is not over.  Watch for her.  Someone this F*cked up will certainly continue to cause unnatural disasters wherever she goes.  It's too bad we can't make sure she doesn't procreate again. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th of July

It's hard for me to find a reason to celebrate this country's birthday, in view of this country's life right now.

It's like throwing a party for a relative who is an abusive bully;  a person who throws money around to impress but never kicks in for a good cause.

Anyhow, I've lived here all my life and I feel, these days, less and less like a citizen and more and more like a victim. 

But, in the essence of optimism, I will attempt to find reasons to be thankful the United States of America is still a viable nation:

1.  No politician has tweeted me a picture of his genitals.

2.  There hasn't been a sex scandal in the White House involving President Obama.

3.  I can now carry a concealed weapon to protect myself from everyone else carrying a concealed weapon.

4.  I can still write disparaging remarks about Wisconsin politicians and not be thrown in jail.

5.  I'm still a viable candidate for jury duty.

6.  The grocery stores are brimming with mostly untainted foodstuffs.  (As far as I know)

7.  I can enjoy traveling anywhere, provided I can afford to pay for the gas.

8.  I have at least as much of a chance of winning the lottery as any other citizen.

9.  I can sing "This Land is Your Land" instead of the National Anthem at baseball games, which I do.

10.  I still live under the threat of nuclear annihilation at any moment, which just extends my childhood a little bit when we used to cover our heads and hide in the hallways during air raid drills.