Monday, July 18, 2011

John Chianelli Back in News

Big surprise.  Former Behavioral Health Division director (who was demoted due to incompetence, then dehired because someone at the County actually had a good idea that got implemented) is back in the news.  Not in a good way.

Apparently, no one conducted an exit interview with Mr. Chianelli which would have covered the Milwaukee County Ethics Policy.  Ergo, Mr. Chianelli violated the policy by meeting with a county employee to pitch a bid for business to be tossed the way of his new employer.

Some people never get it.  Mr. Chianelli seems to be one of those. 

After resigning, in disgrace, from any position, a person should have plenty of time to consider their professional conduct and learn from past mistakes.  Not so, Mr. Chianelli.  Milwaukeeans are getting used to seeing Mr. Chianelli's face on the front page of newspapers.  His only true talent seems to lie in being caught  in controversy.

The delivery of mental health services in this county has always been lacking.  While one can blame budget issues for most of that, one can't help but feel that the problems are far more entrenched, starting with administrators who are not qualified to do the job.  That more or less covers Mr. Chianelli's entire career as a local government employee.  Milwaukee County is mired in its own dysfunction.  So is John Chianelli.

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