Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alberta Darling Thinks You're Stupid

Ads on television touting Alberta Darling makes one wonder.  How dumb does she think her constituency actually is?

Sandy Paasch voted for pork?  I don't think so.  For one, Sandy Paasch is Jewish.  For two, Sandy Paasch does not have special interests at her heart and core, unless they are for the common good.  For three, Sandy Paasch doesn't whore to the highest bidder.  And most importantly, Sandy Paasch would never align herself with a complete idiot like Scott Walker.

Anyhow, the television ads attacking Sandy Paasch are downright laughable, except maybe Alberta Darling's backers (can you say Koch brothers?) are right that lots of people in her area are ignorant.  Anyhow, when I see a Pot calling a Kettle black, I'm always suspicious.  Maybe Alberta Darling is smoking pot.  And there's Sandy Paasch's next commercial.  If Darling promoters are going to advertise such outrageous untruths, then Sandy Paasch should question Alberta Darling's integrity by insisting she undergo a drug test.  Darling's on something.  It can't be pot.....pot makes people, uh, nicer, or at least less able to formulate evil plans.  Whatever Alberta Darling is on, we hope she enters rehab soon.

Alberta Darling
Hooked, Lined and Stinker


Anonymous said...

I hate Alberta Darling, she is an embarrassment to all Wisconsinites. In addition to being a total bitch, she tries to hide her incompetency by passing all these ridiculous sex laws that do absolutely nothing to protect anyone. Its all just a cover story. She is nothing but a corporate whore and she has her mouth stuffed with Koch, so why is she complaining? Alberta can go screw herself, she is a pig just like that idiot college dropout Scott Walker.

Anonymous said...

Alberta Darling is a dumb cunt. She loves to suck Scott Walker's tiny cock.

Citizen X said...

Yikes! Well, I agreed to publish all comments except those that blatantly promoted violence. Ugh - the visual of what you describe leaves me violently ill. I think, however, two more sexless human beings never existed.