Sunday, July 17, 2011

Local headline: Walker says he can work with Democrats

Who is Scott Walker kidding?  This article, literally, had me laughing. 

He can't work with anyone, except the ultra-wealthy who share his concept of survival of the richest.

Anyhow, after reading the article, which had to be generated by Oil Can Scotty's continued dismal poll ratings, I felt disgusted, not just by Scott Walker, who is now, clearly, grasping at straws to sustain his political life, but by the Citizens of Wisconsin who voted this yokel into office. 

I think it is absolutely imperative that the negative feelings we all have for Scott Walker stay at the forefront of our collective awareness.  We have several months to go before the recall election for Scott Walker will happen.  It is important that we don't believe the propagandized lies that Scott Walker continues to tell.  This blog will be devoted to following all aspects of Scott Walker's recall and finally watching him slink back to Wauwatosa with his tail between his legs.  It is heartening to drive around the state and see all the bumper stickers and farm field notices proclaiming the recall of Scott Walker as the right action!  Not only is the recall of Scott Walker the only reasonable action reasonable persons can take, it appears to be a very popular consensus.

For Scott Walker to say he can work with Democrats is an outrageous lie.  Scott Walker's political life is over.   He is merely being sustained on the life support that is our legislative process. 

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