Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alberta Darling Still Banking on a Stupid Constituency

The current television ads attacking Sandy Paasch are further proof that Alberta Darling thinks we're downright dumb.

Alberta Darling comes across as very mean-spirited, and these new attack ads proves that she, indeed, is very mean-spirited.  She is also bordering on desperation to resort to the kind of propaganda she's spreading.  Recalling Alberta Darling is a number one priority, and I believe Ms. Darling will have to find new employment, soon.  I look forward to August 10th, when we can all celebrate the demise of Ms. Darling's political career.  Ms. Darling may have aligned herself with billionaires to help her cause, but the people of Wisconsin will vote with that knowledge.  We have nothing in common with the Koch Brothers, and therefore, we have NOTHING in common with Alberta Darling.   More importantly, Alberta Darling has no idea who the citizens of Wisconsin actually are, so why would we want her representing us?

On August 9th, please send a message to Alberta Darling.  We are not stupid.  We are not billionaires.  And we are not going to tolerate any more fascist politicians.

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