Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fake Democrats

Well, the GOP, the Party of Dirty Tricks, didn't quite get anywhere with their ploy of running fake candidates to circumvent the recall elections of such illustrious people as Alberta Darling. 

Showing identification at polling places greatly slowed down the election process, another obstacle brought to you by the GOP.

And a last ditch power grab, a proposal to redistrict the state to give full advantage to Republican candidates, also seems to be going nowhere.

I don't know how anyone can take this political party seriously, but I guess we have to, given the numerous outrageous acts in which they engage. 

Is the pendulum swinging back to sanity?  It would appear so.  The ultimate recall elections will be the test, and we, thoughtful and caring citizens of Wisconsin, are certainly determined and hopeful that we can reclaim our state from the Republican whores who have tried to exploit us.

But the most important recall election is still months away, the recall of Governor Scott Walker.  This will certainly be the biggest news story in Wisconsin since Scott Walker completely raped and ravaged the working class last January.

I hope all of this political chaos has made the people of this great state aware of just what is at stake when elections roll around.  The sleeping giant of the middle class has certainly been poked into action.  We simply cannot take our civic duty of voting for granted, ever again.  We can't ignore the importance of every single vote.  Apathy, in the State of Wisconsin, damn near killed us.  We can't, as a conscientious whole, allow apathy to prevail.  When it does, bad candidates come to power.

I am glad enough people in the districts where recall elections took place turned out to vote and the result was anti-GOP.  Stopping the underhanded tactics of the GOP should be priority one here in Wisconsin.  I'm confidant that it will carry through, and we will rid ourselves of Oil Can Scotty at the first opportunity.  Never has a leader (?) been so ripe for removal from office.  Get involved.  Get informed.  Get Rid Of Walker!

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