Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th of July

It's hard for me to find a reason to celebrate this country's birthday, in view of this country's life right now.

It's like throwing a party for a relative who is an abusive bully;  a person who throws money around to impress but never kicks in for a good cause.

Anyhow, I've lived here all my life and I feel, these days, less and less like a citizen and more and more like a victim. 

But, in the essence of optimism, I will attempt to find reasons to be thankful the United States of America is still a viable nation:

1.  No politician has tweeted me a picture of his genitals.

2.  There hasn't been a sex scandal in the White House involving President Obama.

3.  I can now carry a concealed weapon to protect myself from everyone else carrying a concealed weapon.

4.  I can still write disparaging remarks about Wisconsin politicians and not be thrown in jail.

5.  I'm still a viable candidate for jury duty.

6.  The grocery stores are brimming with mostly untainted foodstuffs.  (As far as I know)

7.  I can enjoy traveling anywhere, provided I can afford to pay for the gas.

8.  I have at least as much of a chance of winning the lottery as any other citizen.

9.  I can sing "This Land is Your Land" instead of the National Anthem at baseball games, which I do.

10.  I still live under the threat of nuclear annihilation at any moment, which just extends my childhood a little bit when we used to cover our heads and hide in the hallways during air raid drills.

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