Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The GOP (Greatly Opposed to Progress)

From John McCain saying illegal immigrants started the Arizona/New Mexico wilfires (not a single shred of evidence to support the statement) to Scott Walker and the list of campaign payoffs currently exposed in this week's Shepard Express, the GOP looks more and more like the Party of the Psychotic.

John McCain may well be losing his mind. 

Scott Walker never had a mind to lose.  He's just a shell of a human being that grew up around his giant bald spot.  Frankly, if you were hair, would you want to be caught dead on Scott Walker's head?  I'd exit hurriedly, as well.  No chance of any nourishment in that scalp.

My husband and I are working very hard to support the recalls of all the Republican senators here in Wisconsin.  I don't like the crazy swing this country has taken to the rabid right, nor do I want these empty-headed people making any more decisions that may negatively affect my life.  
And let's not forget Paul Ryan, who rakes in plenty of lettuce from big oil company investments.  He, in turn, hands out dirty little legislative gifts in the name of tax breaks and deregulation of the industry. This guy, literally, is probably the most despised and least respected human being currently in Washington D.C.  I know he is at our house.  Opie f*cking Taylor goes to Washington.

Can we just stop for a minute and take stock of what Republicans have actually done?

New Orleans, right after Hurricane Katrina.  Forgotten by a Republican administration.  New Orleans, the least American city in America, and therefore, quite possibly the greatest city in America, was nearly destroyed by a hurricane, and then got f*cked by the Republicans.  This city is still in recovery mode.  If this had happened in New York or San Francisco, you can bet the response would have been remarkably different.  Too many black people, too many poor people lived in New Orleans.  Too many people with too small a voice to matter.  Relief and restructure (not) brought to you by Republicans.  The Republicans brought you more misery than the hurricane did.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  Too lax regulation and too little industry oversight.  Thank you, again, Republicans.  May you someday be soaked in oil and forced to live in brackish squalor for months.

The deficit.  Poor Obama.  He gets elected, but did he win?  He inherited George W. Bush's disaster.  The deregulation and lack of fiscal controls on Wall Street was completely brought to you by Republicans.  News for all you ostriches with your head in the sand, the collapse of the financial world was engineered by greedy, obese pricks, like James Sensenbrenner, in other words, the GOP.  Sensenbrenner is still driving drunk the wrong way down a freeway at the feeding trough for Republican corruption, the U.S. Capitol.

The disintegration of labor unions and fair labor practices.  Courtesy GOP.

Tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of people living in this country.  I'm not talking little tax breaks, I'm talking obscene amounts of money.  Stinkin' GOP, again. 

The gutting of social programs that could, actually help America become strong again.  Republican inspired.

The attacks on Planned Parenthood, Gay Rights, Health care for Everyone, the Environment --- all coming from one place, the GOP.

Let me just say this.  Barack Obama was a cautious first term president, yet he did manage to accomplish some things within a system that is completely dysfunctional.  That, in itself, is remarkable.

I believe that the GOP, by virtue of how very stupid they are, will not win the next presidential election, but that Obama will continue as our leader.  If so, I have just a few words of advice for him.  Come out swinging, Obama.  Lay down your diplomatic kid gloves and DO something REAL with REAL ramifications.  We (thoughtful, intelligent, well-intentioned and liberal people) want our country back.  And we want you to give it to us.  America is on the brink.  We don't need a diplomat, we need a leader.  We don't need cautious leadership, we need a strong man to take a strong stand and bring down this house of cards we call America.  This is not America anymore.  Whatever it's ugly.

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