Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Developmentally Disabled Wisconsin

The Supreme Court has upheld Scott Walker's union busting budget bill, stating that doors were open at the State Capitol, and therefore, the meeting that decided to bust the unions was "open".  HUH?

What part of open meeting laws don't these supposed "esteemed" members of Wisconsin's Supreme Court understand?  The meeting clearly was in violation of acceptable notice being given that the meeting was going to take place.  The action by certain clowns serving on the Supreme Court, aka Walker puppets (think of how pathetic you are if Scott Walker is pulling your strings), surely will be appealed to a higher court, although these justices seem pretty high themselves with this latest action.  It begs the question, who put the LSD in Justice Prosser's water? 

Wisconsinites have one chance left to rid themselves of the Nazi lookalikes who are clearly running this state, into the ground, I might add.  Get involved in all GOP recall elections, and when Walker's comes up, every citizen in this state needs to stand against him.  Wisconsin looks too much like Nazi Germany, right now.  It needs a good colonic to rid itself of the vermin that has crawled up it's ass.  Alberta Darling.  Scott Walker.  David Prosser.  Michael Gableman, Patience Roggensack.  Annette Ziegler.  The Fitzgerald fatties.  On and on, the list unfolds.   Back door politics for back door men.  Hopefully, the only action that this band of morons will ever accomplish is the complete destruction of the GOP in the State of Wisconsin.  They are well on their way.  Praise Sanity!

Oh yes, and by the by, for Alberta Darling to call Judge Sumi's original decision on this "despicable", well, I'm sure Ms. Darling's familiarity with despicable will be proven during her recall election. 

Meanwhile, all citizens of Wisconsin are suffering under the leadership of Scott Walker and his paid political hacks.  We are clearly the most oppressed people in the nation, right now.  Since no one will fight for us, we will have to fight against the fascist politics rampant in this state.  Do your part.  Get involved.  Vote these idiots out of office.

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