Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jindal a Poster Boy for Garbage and Waste

Why doesn't Bobby Jindal shut up?  He's unintelligent, uninspired and unliked --- by anyone with an ounce of intellect or a grain of dignity.

Bobby Jindal adequately represents Louisiana  - which is inhabited by a lot of uneducated pigs who continually trash the state.  Watching all the garbage on the side of the highways and floating down the rivers now that it's flood season proves this.  Louisiana is full of garbage and Jindal is nothing more than the king of trash.  Jindal needs to stay home and clean up the mess he's allowed this state to become. 

No one likes Jindal's politics --- especially the majority of people in Louisiana.  As far as being president goes --- if you want to turn the United States into a cesspool, toxic waste dump ---- then Bobby Jindal is your man.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona Possibly More Stupid than Louisiana

Seriously --- a bill in Arizona that allows people to discriminate against homosexuals if serving those homosexuals would offend their religious principles?  What F*cking religious principles!!!!

Louisiana is so uptight about all things sexual, they won't allow any discussion of procreation and it's accoutrements whatsoever.......which means that Louisiana has the highest rate of venereal disease in the country. 

I need to calm down.  But it offends my sense of justice to think that Louisiana people don't mind that their sons and daughters contract venereal diseases that can't be cured or will ultimately kill them and THAT is more ACCEPTABLE TO THEM than sex education, access to birth control or freedom of choice.

If I lived in Arizona and I was a homosexual, I would introduce a bill that would allow me to beat to death with a golf club anyone who chose not to serve me.  It makes as much sense as the allowable discrimination that's coming up now. 

Tea party people need to be driven out of society.  They're a menace, they're dangerous, and they're quite possibly the most disgusting people to exist in all the universe.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scott Walker a Stupid Criminal

Yes, Scott Walker got caught with his hand in the cookie jar of secret e-mail systems and definite knowledge of his staff doing political fund raising/spreading of vicious lies on the taxpayers dime.  Scott Walker allowed his staff to do all this while he was supposed to be Milwaukee's county executive and they were supposed to be county staffers.  Unfortunately they were all MIGHTY busy running his gubernatorial campaign instead of solving county issues.   Point in fact - NO Milwaukee County issue was ever solved while Scott Walker was in office. 

It even made the news down here in Bobby Jindal, ultra-conservative land.

Well, anyone whose read this blog knows that I've been calling Scott Walker a lying s.o.b. since day one.  Not only is he an underhanded criminal, he's a stupid one.  This will go a long way in reducing Scott Walker's credibility; which is the only thing he had to say about the matter; that his political foes will use it as fodder to discredit him.

The thing about Scott Walker is that he's a discredit to himself, but he's incapable of seeing it.  This is a common trait of people who are most certainly NOT civic-minded, and in fact, are little more than idiots who manage to get themselves elected by other idiots.

I wish we could tie Scott Walker up on the capitol grounds in Madison and take a whack at him with a baseball bat.  That's an American past-time I could get into; getting even with the stupid bastards who brought this country to the appalling condition it's in.

F*ck Scott Walker.  Now and Forever!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Southern Stupid

Just thought I'd share a couple of stories out of the south, which are completely and utterly moronic.  Trust me, I WISH the south had a monopoly on these types of stories, but stupid is everywhere in America these days.  I just happen to live in the south right now.

A pastor in Kentucky dies of a snake bite.  Yeah that's right.  He used rattle snakes and other venomous vipers in his church services ---- can't say what the sermons were about --- but I'm guessing it had a hellfire and brimstone theme, which is standard fare here in the bible belt. 

Anyhow, this doofus had conducted religious rituals using these snakes.  He'd been bitten a few times, went home, laid on the couch and prayed.  Only this time, God decided that he'd answered that prayer once too often and let the dumb S.O.B die.  Score one for God.   My husband said there are just two words for this pastor and I guessed they were "natural selection", but no, they were "good riddance". 

The appalling thing is that one of his church members was killed a few years ago after attending a snake service and being bitten herself.  Apparently, he took her to his house to pray for her but she also died. 

So, this holy man of Saint Serpent of the Sepulcher has come full circle, I guess.  I call that karma.

Anyone who has ever spent a summer in southern Louisiana (or northern Louisiana for that matter) knows that it is hot here ---- stifling hot, stifling humid, stifling uncomfortable.  That's why we live indoors mostly between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day during July and August.

But here's another stupid south story.  The prisoners on death row in Angola state penitentiary are supposed to get air conditioning, by federal court order, as steaming them to near death in a sauna was determined to be cruel and unusual punishment.  Trust me, not having a/c in Louisiana is cruel and unusual punishment and I don't really look forward to my first hurricane to find that out first hand. 

But the State of Louisiana is going to fight that order and take it to an appellate court in order NOT to install a/c for prisoners.  They will spend money and they will lose.  They are already trying to speed up the process for killing prisoners on death row; the powers that be don't like the long wait between the convicts crime and their own.  Capital punishment may be a law, but it is a terrible law, and in my opinion, an absolute crime.  I think the State of Louisiana should suck it up and keep these death row inmates cool until they can ice them.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dismally Disappointing American Leaders

The radical, religious right is so destructive, I don't know why they are thriving.  Someone surely must have pushed the self destruct button on America.  Enter these people.   They are so couched in stupidity and regressive thinking, it's more than appalling or alarming.  It's dangerous and the tea party people are terrorists to those of us who believe in the constitution and our rights as defined therein.  These people are nothing more than a politicized version of the Ku Klux Klan, spreading their hatred for women and their bigotry against the poor, the atheists, in short, anyone who has an opinion that isn't short-sighted and without facts.  These guys should be force smoked medical marijuana until their eyes adjust to some kind of light, because they are stumbling blind in trying to lead our country.

Ray Nagin was found guilty of 20 of the 21 counts of fraud and racketeering here in New Orleans.  I feel emotionally charged about this.  New Orleans was basically underwater, and this guy is brokering back room deals that line his pockets, while people died or lost everything.  Talk about a grifter.  How did this guy fall so low?  Its worrisome, because at one time, Ray Nagin was the great black hope of New Orleans.  He squandered his greatness opportunity for thirty pieces of silver.  I'm anxious to see how he will be sentenced.  He's really not that different from a lot of Washington politicians, who just pander themselves in a more subtle fashion.  At least, they manage to hide the bodies before the media gets a chance to record the deaths.

At this point, it is my belief that we cannot save America and it should be dismantled.   We need to hand this country back to the Native Americans we stole it from, and let them sort out the mess.  Although that, in itself, is a cruel and unusual punishment to lay on anyone.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

American Culture - Or Lack Thereof

Here in Louisiana, radical right thinking is attacking a women's right to make a choice about whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

I've always thought abortion was a ridiculous form of birth control and women, as well as men, should take more responsibility for their procreative abilities.  But I will defend your right to the death to make the choice for yourself.  It's very Catholic here in southern Louisiana.  It's also very old boy politics, and there is nothing a good old boy likes better than a southern belle who knows her place.  Pretty, no-opinion, soft-spoken, and able to make a nice pitcher of sweet tea.  And pregnant.

Don't get me wrong - I find a lot of beauty here in the deep south.  It's just right next to everything terribly ugly.

I was watching the spring fashion shows in New York.  I like to go shopping and buy new clothes and shoes; but I'm not an idiot savant over it, which is what it seems to me people - mostly women people - have become.   All I ask is that I never carry a purse I can fit a sleeping bag in, my shoes are cute and comfortable and that I'll always wear nothing larger than a size 8.  Here's a clue --- if you look in the mirror and your head is way too big for your body, you're not the right size   -  stop dieting!  And if you're defined by the very large curves of your a$$ or your gigantically rigid boobs, that's probably not a good thing, either.

I recently read an article about a rather famous Australian filmmaker, and after doing so, I should be somewhat happy that I'll never meet him.  He's so enraptured with his own genius, he's an absolute moron.  I wonder how the people who work for him, dangling on his every word like so many participles, ever take themselves seriously?  Perhaps his films are great --- but his process is galling.  That's just me. Never could stand megalomaniacs.  I think a room full of heroin addicts would be far more interesting than this guy.  I think a room full of tomatoes would be more fun to be around.

And speaking of heroin addicts --- why is it that in this SUPPOSED greatest country on the planet - we have epidemic heroin and other hard drug issues, violence, poverty, hate and bigotry?  The American Dream is nothing more than a very bad nightmare, one from which we, collectively, can't seem to wake up.  If we could, we would have done so generations ago.

Oh well.  Maybe it will get interesting soon --- because it's mind-numbingly boring right now.  The same problems are boring.  The same hatreds are boring.  This country is boring.  Our government is boring.  Men's fashion is boring.  Someone start the revolution, and call me when it's got a good head of steam.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gotta Love the South for its Movie Fodder

The police chief in Brusly, right across the river from us, is under arrest and will be indicted for using his city-issued gas credit card to fill up the tanks of his family members --- to the tune of about $1200 in one month.  He doesn't think he should be removed from office, nor does he think he's a bad person and he further believes he can uphold the letter of the law.  Aw shucks.  What a good ol' boy. 

In a sudden twist, the police chief in Sorrento, which is just down the road from us, suddenly resigned because he is being indicted for forcing a hand-cuffed, drunk suspect (a woman - let's make that much clear) to commit oral sex acts upon his (little) person.  The FBI was investigating him and these old southern sheriff's take a lot of umbrage when the FBI gets called.

Currently, the city of Baton Rouge will pay about $40,000 to the grandma of a murder suspect for busting into her apartment, putting her on the floor and stomping on her face.  (Note:  grandson wasn't in the apartment.)

I had no idea when I moved here that I would be reliving scenes from Easy Rider. 

Like it's roads and byways, Louisiana can't seem to clean itself up.  It's a damn shame, but its ridiculously entertaining for someone like me; who has decided unequivocally that she lives in the most stupid country on the planet.

But hell, the food is good, the booze flows readily and sooner or later, pot will be legal everywhere!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ray Nagin's Trial

It's pretty disgusting to watch the Ray Nagin trial here in New Orleans.  It's also very interesting how some cities just attract the worst politicians and in which political malfeasance runs rampant, unchecked and, worse, accepted as the way of doing things.

New Orleans is an old city, and a beautiful city.  It is also a corrupt city; from its police force to its leaders.  Everybody has their palm out and it's greased palm Sunday down here.  Being on the take is a religion.  Killing and cover ups are business as usual for the police.

I don't get it.  I lived very close to Chicago for most of my life, and Chicago and Cook County are as enmeshed in politics for sale as any city in America.  The cops carry throw away guns for their justifiable homicides in the windy city. Maybe things are better there --- maybe not. 

For some reason, New Orleans can't seem to clean itself up.  It's better, since Hurricane Katrina wiped out and washed out great areas of the city.  It didn't quite get rid of all the rats, though.  Ray Nagin is one who made a final effort to shake down people and businesses after the Hurricane.  Maybe he had PTSD.  Maybe the temptation was just too great.  I can name a lot of things I claim I wouldn't do, but if you lay it out on a finely appointed table in front of me; well; maybe my resolve isn't as steadfast as I think it is.  Maybe that's the truth about Ray Nagin.  Or maybe Ray Nagin just came under the spell of New Orleans politics ---- which has to be a little like heroin addiction.

I love New Orleans and I hate what politician after politician, police chief after police chief, and fat cat after fat cat has done, and continues to do to the city.  I think the entire city should be turned over to the musician's union.  Let the musicians run New Orleans.  Let the artists run New Orleans.  Let the street people run New Orleans.  Anyone but the cuckoo birds who look at New Orleans as a good place to launch their political careers. 

Southern Louisiana is on the migratory flight plan for almost every bird in North America.  Especially the cuckoo birds.