Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scott Walker a Stupid Criminal

Yes, Scott Walker got caught with his hand in the cookie jar of secret e-mail systems and definite knowledge of his staff doing political fund raising/spreading of vicious lies on the taxpayers dime.  Scott Walker allowed his staff to do all this while he was supposed to be Milwaukee's county executive and they were supposed to be county staffers.  Unfortunately they were all MIGHTY busy running his gubernatorial campaign instead of solving county issues.   Point in fact - NO Milwaukee County issue was ever solved while Scott Walker was in office. 

It even made the news down here in Bobby Jindal, ultra-conservative land.

Well, anyone whose read this blog knows that I've been calling Scott Walker a lying s.o.b. since day one.  Not only is he an underhanded criminal, he's a stupid one.  This will go a long way in reducing Scott Walker's credibility; which is the only thing he had to say about the matter; that his political foes will use it as fodder to discredit him.

The thing about Scott Walker is that he's a discredit to himself, but he's incapable of seeing it.  This is a common trait of people who are most certainly NOT civic-minded, and in fact, are little more than idiots who manage to get themselves elected by other idiots.

I wish we could tie Scott Walker up on the capitol grounds in Madison and take a whack at him with a baseball bat.  That's an American past-time I could get into; getting even with the stupid bastards who brought this country to the appalling condition it's in.

F*ck Scott Walker.  Now and Forever!

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AlexisAR said...

I immediately thought of you when I read this:

This blog is where I first learned of criminal Scott Walker.