Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gotta Love the South for its Movie Fodder

The police chief in Brusly, right across the river from us, is under arrest and will be indicted for using his city-issued gas credit card to fill up the tanks of his family members --- to the tune of about $1200 in one month.  He doesn't think he should be removed from office, nor does he think he's a bad person and he further believes he can uphold the letter of the law.  Aw shucks.  What a good ol' boy. 

In a sudden twist, the police chief in Sorrento, which is just down the road from us, suddenly resigned because he is being indicted for forcing a hand-cuffed, drunk suspect (a woman - let's make that much clear) to commit oral sex acts upon his (little) person.  The FBI was investigating him and these old southern sheriff's take a lot of umbrage when the FBI gets called.

Currently, the city of Baton Rouge will pay about $40,000 to the grandma of a murder suspect for busting into her apartment, putting her on the floor and stomping on her face.  (Note:  grandson wasn't in the apartment.)

I had no idea when I moved here that I would be reliving scenes from Easy Rider. 

Like it's roads and byways, Louisiana can't seem to clean itself up.  It's a damn shame, but its ridiculously entertaining for someone like me; who has decided unequivocally that she lives in the most stupid country on the planet.

But hell, the food is good, the booze flows readily and sooner or later, pot will be legal everywhere!

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