Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Southern Stupid

Just thought I'd share a couple of stories out of the south, which are completely and utterly moronic.  Trust me, I WISH the south had a monopoly on these types of stories, but stupid is everywhere in America these days.  I just happen to live in the south right now.

A pastor in Kentucky dies of a snake bite.  Yeah that's right.  He used rattle snakes and other venomous vipers in his church services ---- can't say what the sermons were about --- but I'm guessing it had a hellfire and brimstone theme, which is standard fare here in the bible belt. 

Anyhow, this doofus had conducted religious rituals using these snakes.  He'd been bitten a few times, went home, laid on the couch and prayed.  Only this time, God decided that he'd answered that prayer once too often and let the dumb S.O.B die.  Score one for God.   My husband said there are just two words for this pastor and I guessed they were "natural selection", but no, they were "good riddance". 

The appalling thing is that one of his church members was killed a few years ago after attending a snake service and being bitten herself.  Apparently, he took her to his house to pray for her but she also died. 

So, this holy man of Saint Serpent of the Sepulcher has come full circle, I guess.  I call that karma.

Anyone who has ever spent a summer in southern Louisiana (or northern Louisiana for that matter) knows that it is hot here ---- stifling hot, stifling humid, stifling uncomfortable.  That's why we live indoors mostly between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day during July and August.

But here's another stupid south story.  The prisoners on death row in Angola state penitentiary are supposed to get air conditioning, by federal court order, as steaming them to near death in a sauna was determined to be cruel and unusual punishment.  Trust me, not having a/c in Louisiana is cruel and unusual punishment and I don't really look forward to my first hurricane to find that out first hand. 

But the State of Louisiana is going to fight that order and take it to an appellate court in order NOT to install a/c for prisoners.  They will spend money and they will lose.  They are already trying to speed up the process for killing prisoners on death row; the powers that be don't like the long wait between the convicts crime and their own.  Capital punishment may be a law, but it is a terrible law, and in my opinion, an absolute crime.  I think the State of Louisiana should suck it up and keep these death row inmates cool until they can ice them.


AlexisAR said...

We have snake handlers here in CA, though probably not at my current coastal location. The Central Valley (San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys) is a transplantation of the Bible Belt.

I don't think it's right to overheat prisoners, either. Any society ultimately sows what it reaps.

Citizen X said...

Hmmmm, makes sense that lunatics gravitate as far west as California; might as well be mentally ill in good weather, right? The bible belt religious fanatics are just plain scary. What the hell is missing in these people?