Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jindal a Poster Boy for Garbage and Waste

Why doesn't Bobby Jindal shut up?  He's unintelligent, uninspired and unliked --- by anyone with an ounce of intellect or a grain of dignity.

Bobby Jindal adequately represents Louisiana  - which is inhabited by a lot of uneducated pigs who continually trash the state.  Watching all the garbage on the side of the highways and floating down the rivers now that it's flood season proves this.  Louisiana is full of garbage and Jindal is nothing more than the king of trash.  Jindal needs to stay home and clean up the mess he's allowed this state to become. 

No one likes Jindal's politics --- especially the majority of people in Louisiana.  As far as being president goes --- if you want to turn the United States into a cesspool, toxic waste dump ---- then Bobby Jindal is your man.

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