Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona Possibly More Stupid than Louisiana

Seriously --- a bill in Arizona that allows people to discriminate against homosexuals if serving those homosexuals would offend their religious principles?  What F*cking religious principles!!!!

Louisiana is so uptight about all things sexual, they won't allow any discussion of procreation and it's accoutrements whatsoever.......which means that Louisiana has the highest rate of venereal disease in the country. 

I need to calm down.  But it offends my sense of justice to think that Louisiana people don't mind that their sons and daughters contract venereal diseases that can't be cured or will ultimately kill them and THAT is more ACCEPTABLE TO THEM than sex education, access to birth control or freedom of choice.

If I lived in Arizona and I was a homosexual, I would introduce a bill that would allow me to beat to death with a golf club anyone who chose not to serve me.  It makes as much sense as the allowable discrimination that's coming up now. 

Tea party people need to be driven out of society.  They're a menace, they're dangerous, and they're quite possibly the most disgusting people to exist in all the universe.

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