Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tammy vs. Tommy

My opinion is that in the Wisconsin senatorial debate on Friday evening, Tammy appeared to be reality based.  Tommy appeared to be senile.  He built Wisconsin?  Hello?  Quite a job.  And if he did indeed build Wisconsin, there are plenty of Wisconsinites unhappy with the result.  Which part of Wisconsin did he actually build?  He didn't say.  Must have lost his train of thought.

At any rate, one should never vote for anyone whose ears are bigger than a dinner plate.  Rules to live by.  I'm glad there wasn't a draft in the studio last night, because Tommy looks as if he could lift right off the ground in a stiff breeze.  I realize elderly people's noses and ears just keep growing.  Tommy's ears are a dead giveaway.  Too old to be effective, except to other old, rich white men.  That, my friends, is exactly whom not to vote for.

And yes, I do realize Barack Obama has sticky out ears; but they are just that, sticky out ears.  You can't lay them on the ground for a picnic cloth.

Go Tammy!  Reality based politicians.  Find them.  Keep them.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sheriff Clarke Flying His Freak Flag Again

Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., simply cannot stand to have his authority usurped, especially by County Executive Chris Abele.

Everytime Clarke faces a budget cut, he goes off the deep end with his rants; like he's the only person in the world whom ever had to face having less money to spend.  Could someone tap him on the shoulder and show him to the 21st century, please?

What really astounds me is that Sheriff Clarke doesn't seem to have a clue how ridiculous he looks, how insane he sounds, and how vindictive he actually is.  Mr. Clarke's power seems to have gone straight to his little bald head.  He needs to get voted out of office.  Milwaukee County does not need a temper tantrum throwing toddler in charge of anyone, especially anyone with a gun.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Republicans Are Stupid

In this campaign, I have never seen such mean-spirited political messages, never seen such blatant lies spun as truth, as those that the republicans have paid for and put on the airwaves.  Of course, one can expect no less from puppet masters like Karl Rove, the Koch brotherhood, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and none other than the local Chamber of Commerce.  We know what their agenda is, and they're determined to get Americans to buy into it, truth be damned.

If this isn't reason enough not to ever vote republican, I don't know what is.

Just as an example; a current message attacking Obama claims that he has done nothing to fix the economy.  Excuse me?  Obama inherited a financial disaster created by four republican presidential terms and two unfunded wars.  Taking our country down a few more notches, let's talk about the ridiculous tax cuts given to the wealthy under these clearly addled thinkers (otherwise known as the Bushes) and the massive deregulation of the banking industry, brought to you by Reagan and the Addled Bushes, which caused the big Wall Street collapse that brought us to the brink. 

At any rate, I'm kind of enjoying the desperation that stinks out of these television ads (hmmmm, must be Odorama).  The more blatant the lies, the better Obama seems to do at the polls.  Proof positive that you don't have to be a genius to spot a lying son-of-a-bitch.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great Quotes

Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing......when they've exhausted all other possibilities.

Winston Churchill

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Little Dwarf

Rancid Priebus is busy talking about how much money the GOP has in their coffers compared to the democrats, and how they're going to spend it in these last few weeks before the election.

You stupid, egg-sucking little beedy-eyed howler monkey.  Maybe if more members of the GOP paid their fair share of taxes, you wouldn't have so much money to crow about.  There's nothing worse than a thief who talks about how rich he is.

I'd like to kick this troll's rotten a$$.

Mitt Romney Paid 14% in Income Tax

Does anyone else who pays a 28% tax rate feel Mitt Romney would make a terrible president?  Why would he want to run a country he constantly cheats? 

America is the land of cheaters, tax beaters, and Walmart greeters.  It's a joke to live here, an embarrassment to admit being American and a real drag living in the land of stupid.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Signs of Intellectual Life Found In Wisconsin

Barack Obama is leading Mitt Romney by 14 points in polls conducted by Marquette University. 

For all of we Wisconsinites who have been embarrassed to show our faces in public anywhere in the world, this is a sure indication that intelligence is slowly returning to citizens of our state.

Despite the craziness of the Scott Walker administration and the mess this little dumb a$$ has created in Madison; despite Paul Ryan's Eddie Munster widow's peak and bizarre behavior and beliefs, Wisconsin actually does have sensibility somewhere.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FUBAR - The Walker Way of Politics

Well, I guess its a testament on why people keep going to law school when there is more than an ample supply of bottom feeding lawyers; but it looks like Walker's Act 10 is going to lose big in the courts.

Does anyone else get the fact that the laws are so complicated, the lawyers can't figure them out?  We've just about legislated ourselves into intellectual extinction.  The law has been turned into a circus parade, and that's a sad thing.  Blame your local elected official, who most probably is either a lawyer or an uneducated moron, like Scott Walker.  In some cases, we have highly educated morons, like J.B. Van Hollen.

Long and short of it; you can't create a second class of citizens; which is what Oil Can Scotty tried to do by allowing some bargaining units to live while killing off others. 

Interestingly, this is the republican create a second class of citizens to carry the dead weight of a$$hole millionaires, to do all the dirty jobs no one wants to do at a barely living wage, and to let them die off one by one because republicans don't want anyone who can't afford it to have health care.

I hope the idiots in Wisconsin who voted Scott Walker into office and stood behind his bull$hit agenda realize just how much this is going to cost them.  But alas, ignorance is their mainstay.  I just love the sound of republicans losing money; unfortunately, this f*ck up will cost all Wisconsinites money.

Regardless, Obama!  Democracy!  Goes hand in hand; just like Romney/Ryan!  Regressive!

Power to the people.  Power to the courts to reverse the damage done via Act 10. 

I love to say it.  I told you so.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Climate Change

Just returned from a weekend in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  It's an area that will always be sacred in my heart, for many reasons. 

I spent a year in the UP when I was a young woman.  Here's what I remember.  Winter came early and it came hard.  It never stopped snowing in winter, and summer was unofficially over on August 30th.  Spring was mud and slush.  Summer didn't last nearly long enough.  Usually the snow fell before all the leaves did.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw the colors had just begun to change on Lake Superior, the temperature was a balmy 77 degrees, and it didn't cool off much once the sun went down.  I stood in Lake Superior for a good ten minutes; an unheard of thing if there isn't a stiff wind blowing all the warmed surface water into shore.  There was.  Lake Superior is cold.  It is so cold it doesn't give up its dead.  Not on Sunday, September 16, 2012.

One thing I always miss about the upper peninsula, or even just the woods as opposed to an urban setting, is the wildlife.  When I was 20, I saw a mountain lion cross the road in front of me on Highway 51 between Mercer and Hurley.  My Michigan friends envied me and told me it was a once in a lifetime experience.  Twenty years later, I saw another mountain lion crossing the road in almost the identical spot.

This trip, I had at least one witness to the cougar sighting; happened just outside of Phillips.  So that's three once in a lifetime experiences I've had and I am so grateful.

We also saw, in order of appearance, deer (try not seeing one in northern Wisconsin or the UP), a bear and her cub, a painted turtle crossing the road and a couple of eagles fishing on our little lake. 

I think the animals are trying to tell me they're in trouble.  We're all in trouble.  I don't know what the winter will bring, but I do know that if it's balmy in September in Michigan, it's delightful but troubling.  I hope we all make it through another winter season, especially the wild animals. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Say What????

I'm astounded that I'm living in the land of la la's.

Mitt Romney is certifiably insane and just itching to take this country to what will probably become its final conflict.  The world simply can't stand the United States.  That's not going to inprove with Romney at the helm. Let's just say Romney is way beyond Hawk.  He's like a rabid Morman with too many wives.  Unfortunately, the hills of Salt Lake City can't contain him.  Your vote against this walking disaster is one of the few hopes this nation has.

And speaking of crazy religions; what the hell is up with Scientology?  Having dismissed Scientology as some weird Californian cult, I never gave it any serious thought.  But there it was, in my issue of Vanity Fair, and being somewhat of a voyeur when it comes to lives of the rich and famous, I was astounded to read about Tom Cruise and Scientology.  Of course, I am now considered an S.P. by Scientologists everywhere, which is to say, I suppress the idiocy of this particular group of morons.  Still, you have to believe this country is completely nuts when you have a bunch of people buying into and supporting the church of scientology and all of its ridiculous credos.

Jesus, (ha ha), am I ever happy I'm a Unitarian.  We don't have to believe in anything. Or we can believe in everything.  Power to the Imagination.

Anyhow.  Today I think America is beyond institutionalized.  It's dead on the shock treatment table.

Monday, September 10, 2012

If all Millionaires are Liars, Why Aren't All Liars Millionaires

The Koch Brothers didn't get to be the a$$hole rich f*cks they are by telling the truth and following ethical business practices, but their PAC, Americans for Prosperity, is just so full of blatant lies, you just know the Koch's think All Americans are Stupid.

Their latest ad has a "Canadian" woman explaining how the Canadian health care system would have let her die, and so she had to seek medical treatment in the United States.

Socialized medicine is alive and well in Canada.  It's alive and well in England.  It's alive and well in Sweden.  It's alive and well in Norway.

Medicine for profit is alive and well in the United States, and therefore, people are dying every goddamn day.  You simply cannot have FOR PROFIT medicine.  It's doomed to failure because of the greed quotient.

There are no Canadians, no English, no Swedes,  and certainly no tight-fisted, cheap Norwegians overrunning our emergency departments.  They're all being treated better in their home countries.  They wouldn't come here and PAY for the same medical treatment available to them at home.  Doctors are doctors, trained to treat diseases, disorders, conditions and cancer.  If they do it in a cinder block building in Canada, or the highest tech glass building here in the United States, your care should be absolutely the same.  So, do you really need the atrium in the middle of the billion dollar medical office building?  The plants are green, but do they make you better?

The Kochs are ridiculous liars.  Let's hope their own medical conditions are untreatable, painful, and humiliating.  The Kochs should wear the same shit pants they verbally espouse.  You actually can almost smell these jerks coming.

Where's my voodoo doll?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


My husband's Swiss Army watch has been out for repairs for over five weeks.  Still under warranty, we seem to be having a problem getting the Swiss company to stand behind their product.  Needless to say, won't be buying anything else from them.  In fact, I believe these people to be so business practice challenged, I'd be happy just getting the piece of crap (don't buy Swiss Army) back so I can return it to the retailer and get my money refunded.

My daughter bought an extended warranty on her new car.  The drive shaft loosened and her car wouldn't steer properly.  Not covered under the extended warranty.  Extended warranties are a huge fraud perpetrated on unsuspecting consumers.  Almost nothing will be covered under them.  Don't fall for this scam.

We bought a coffee grinder for the second time from the same retailer, only to plug it in at home and discover it's defective.  Second time, same brand (Cuisinart), same retailer.  Obviously made in China.  Whomever designed the big trade agreements with China ought to have their balls removed with a rusty razor.

Just about everything in America, from a hotel room in New York City, to an expensive article of clothing in Chicago, is NOT worth the money.  America has turned into a greedy gouge machine, out to separate hard-earned money from unsuspecting citizens.  Most people in America don't realize that business is just a nice word for "how can I f*ck you over today"?.

Just stop buying, America.  Stop the senseless consumerism.  Stop believing you can afford this kind of shoddy treatment from giant corporations who take the profits and run.

I'm so disgusted; but for the first time in my life, I'm glad I don't have any money because there's nothing F*CKING worth buying.  It's all $hit, with a capitalism "S".

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Death Threat

I watched the video of little old lady Julia Rodriguez make her claim that if she saw Mitt Romney, she would like to kill him.

Apparently, this little old lady is considered to be a real threat to Mitt Romney.  Of course, no one embodies pansy like Mitt Romney. 

Mrs. Rodriguez looks too fragile and vulnerable to swat a fly, but she's quickly going to become a national media sensation.

Who can blame the little old ladies in the United States for not only being unable to identify with, but seriously viewing Mitt Romney as a dangerous threat?

Come November, I hope all women, no matter what their age or diplomatic skill level, view Mitt Romney as a threat.  He is.  For women, for children, for the planet.  Julia Rodriguez is not the threat; candidates like those the republicans put on the ballot ARE.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Television Deja Vu

Paul Ryan looks like Eddie Munster.

Mitt Romney looks like Ward Cleaver.

Ann Romney looks like Shop Till You Drop Barbie.

Tommy Thompson looks like Peter Fonda, Forty Years After.  That no helmut $hit just begs the question, does he believe he doesn't have any brains to lose on a highway?

Scott Walker looks like Hitler.

Barack Obama looks pretty damn good!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Democratic National Convention

Trying, really, trying to get excited about the Democratic National Convention, but frankly, I just can't do it. 

There is NO political solution.

There is probably no way to save America from the greed, ignorance, and power elite of its citizenry.

I think the best any American can hope for these days is an invasion by a benevolent dictator.  We're too stupid to govern ourselves, obviously.