Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Say What????

I'm astounded that I'm living in the land of la la's.

Mitt Romney is certifiably insane and just itching to take this country to what will probably become its final conflict.  The world simply can't stand the United States.  That's not going to inprove with Romney at the helm. Let's just say Romney is way beyond Hawk.  He's like a rabid Morman with too many wives.  Unfortunately, the hills of Salt Lake City can't contain him.  Your vote against this walking disaster is one of the few hopes this nation has.

And speaking of crazy religions; what the hell is up with Scientology?  Having dismissed Scientology as some weird Californian cult, I never gave it any serious thought.  But there it was, in my issue of Vanity Fair, and being somewhat of a voyeur when it comes to lives of the rich and famous, I was astounded to read about Tom Cruise and Scientology.  Of course, I am now considered an S.P. by Scientologists everywhere, which is to say, I suppress the idiocy of this particular group of morons.  Still, you have to believe this country is completely nuts when you have a bunch of people buying into and supporting the church of scientology and all of its ridiculous credos.

Jesus, (ha ha), am I ever happy I'm a Unitarian.  We don't have to believe in anything. Or we can believe in everything.  Power to the Imagination.

Anyhow.  Today I think America is beyond institutionalized.  It's dead on the shock treatment table.


Anonymous said...

"Mitt Romney is certifiably insane and just itching to take this country to what will probably become its final conflict."

I cannot decide which one is scarier; Ryan or Romney. How could Wisconsin, the land of progressive thinking, spit out Paul Ryan? Every time I see this lying jackass, I get depressed. May the meek, the humble, the erudite, and the rest of us poor unfortunates, smote them on Nov. 6.

Citizen X said...

Amen to that. I guess Wisconsinites must be brain-poisoned by big chemical corporations who dump fertilizer on the land and inject our livestock with growth hormones. We're all crazy here. Don't visit.