Thursday, September 6, 2012

Death Threat

I watched the video of little old lady Julia Rodriguez make her claim that if she saw Mitt Romney, she would like to kill him.

Apparently, this little old lady is considered to be a real threat to Mitt Romney.  Of course, no one embodies pansy like Mitt Romney. 

Mrs. Rodriguez looks too fragile and vulnerable to swat a fly, but she's quickly going to become a national media sensation.

Who can blame the little old ladies in the United States for not only being unable to identify with, but seriously viewing Mitt Romney as a dangerous threat?

Come November, I hope all women, no matter what their age or diplomatic skill level, view Mitt Romney as a threat.  He is.  For women, for children, for the planet.  Julia Rodriguez is not the threat; candidates like those the republicans put on the ballot ARE.

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