Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tammy vs. Tommy

My opinion is that in the Wisconsin senatorial debate on Friday evening, Tammy appeared to be reality based.  Tommy appeared to be senile.  He built Wisconsin?  Hello?  Quite a job.  And if he did indeed build Wisconsin, there are plenty of Wisconsinites unhappy with the result.  Which part of Wisconsin did he actually build?  He didn't say.  Must have lost his train of thought.

At any rate, one should never vote for anyone whose ears are bigger than a dinner plate.  Rules to live by.  I'm glad there wasn't a draft in the studio last night, because Tommy looks as if he could lift right off the ground in a stiff breeze.  I realize elderly people's noses and ears just keep growing.  Tommy's ears are a dead giveaway.  Too old to be effective, except to other old, rich white men.  That, my friends, is exactly whom not to vote for.

And yes, I do realize Barack Obama has sticky out ears; but they are just that, sticky out ears.  You can't lay them on the ground for a picnic cloth.

Go Tammy!  Reality based politicians.  Find them.  Keep them.

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