Monday, June 2, 2014

Get Rid of This Slimeball Bobby Jindal

Louisiana is a bad place for its citizens because Bobby Jindal gives the whole state away to big oil and big gas.  The roads are bad.  The schools are worse.  There are absolutely NO social safety nets.

He is now about to sign legislation that will retroactively disallow any lawsuits against big oil and big gas by the parish governments.  Not only will that not pass the smell test in a higher court, it will cost the citizens of Louisiana a lot of taxpayer money to defend.

Bobby Jindal is a sell-out boy to corporations and big money.  He's a pocket puppet of the ultra-rich and his lips move in sync to their business interests.  He has done NOTHING for the people of Louisiana except set an agenda that will continue to harm them, their property and trample their rights

How this greasy little slimeball got elected governor in the first place is beyond me, but then that idiot Scott Walker was elected in Wisconsin ---- so I guess redneck ignoramuses get to rule periodically.  Or is it rich old white men, who would do the entire planet a gigantic favor by dropping dead immediately.  Alas, they can afford the extreme health care that keeps them alive, albeit artificially because they aren't really sentient beings at all.  Rich Old White Men - the biggest threat to America today.  This being Louisiana.....well........ it's just too bad there isn't a hunting season for them. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Michelle Duggar an Honest to God Ho

I don't know much about the Duggar family, other than they have nineteen children, which seems excessive - even for Catholics.  I don't even know if they're Catholic, but there CERTAINLY must be some ridiculous religious aspect involved here.

What I don't get is why this family gets to have a television show and portray themselves as something special; simply by virtue of the fact that they have over-procreated.  Maybe they couldn't afford to feed all those whining brats any other way.  That would be the logical explanation.  Follow the thread --- I'm going to drop a litter or two of children I can't afford to feed, and then support myself off the radical right wing who thinks there is something virtuous in my overactive uterus, and who also thinks anyone is remotely interested in  this perfect example of a family gone insane via right to life values.

Nineteen children, and the mother is contemplating another pregnancy.  Where is the interest?  Other than from a purely psychological standpoint, there is nothing about Michelle Duggar that even approximates a sentient human being.  She's just overly hormonal.

I would think her vagina is so worn out, she'd have a hard time getting pregnant unless she inserted a gallon milk jug filled with sperm up there and jumped on a trampoline for awhile.

Whatever.  Give me a real reality television show --- like how billionaires and television executives get to steal money from people too stupid to read a book.

Monday, May 19, 2014


I'm really no longer at an age where pop culture holds any charm for me; that meaning I'd rather listen to Billie Holiday than Beyoncé.  In fact, (see previous post), Beyoncé holds absolutely no charm for me whatsoever, nor does her rich husband or her strange family.

So imagine my dismay when I found they were in New Orleans, eating at one of my favorite restaurants.  So glad I missed them.  Hopefully they'll be gone by the time I get there next week for my reservation.

Oh what AM I saying?  Jetsetters never stay in one place very long.  Collective, global sigh of relief.

I don't hate these people, I'm just sick to death of being exposed to every aspect of their lives.  This is what drives them, I suppose, the public airing of their fabulous existence, their riches and their mansions.  They get to feel superior and special and the masses get to support them by buying their wares - whatever those wares are.  I don't own a single Jay-Z or Beyoncé tune.  I don't feel I'm missing anything.  And I imagine many people actually find them utterly fascinating, but I'm not one of them, and I think they'd be surprised at just whom they do impress. 

It's probably a pretty unimpressive collection of people with mediocre musical tastes.

Of all the people in the world who do great things every day without ever experiencing a need to be adored or idolized, I sometimes completely wish that celebrities would just get over themselves and stay out of my town.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Excuse me, but why, and I say this with all humility, honesty and curiosity, but why does anyone give a f*ck why Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z in an elevator?

Why is this news?  Are we all so desperately boring, bored or brain dead that we actually wonder about this stuff?

Who gives a f*ck.  Oops.  Getting repetitive.  Like my television news program.

But really.....who gives a f*ck why:

1.  A spoiled power pair of celebrities consciously uncouples.  Why don't they unconsciously drop f*cking dead?  Do they honestly believe by labeling it in emotionally-correct new term, they are somehow more special than any other couple deciding they've seen enough of each other's souls to last them through eternity and the faster the divorce papers are filed, the f*cking better?

2.  A billionaire power couple's relative swats and kicks at him in an elevator.  So what.  They should have been at a few family picnics I've attended in my life.  This is normal behavior for a lot of families, even families who own their own formal wear.  What's all the speculation and why does anyone care? 

Americans have an unnatural obsession with power, money and celebrity.  It's redundant.  I don't want the fabulous life that gets one of my family members swinging at me in an elevator so I become grist for the "got no life" mill.

I don't want to decide who gets the London townhouse and who gets the "cottage" in the Hamptons.

I don't want to read about these people, be bombarded with their fabulous air brushed images or be exposed to their neurotic behaviors, ridiculous stretches of the English language, hear about their fabulous lifestyles and the money they spend on jewelry.  These people are no happier than anyone else, and we only find them interesting because they have so much money.....for all the good it does them.

In short, Americans need to find something worthwhile to be concerned with; like air quality, global warming, poverty, clean water, anything.  They need to come to some meaningful realization;  anything but Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Solange in an elevator and a videotape that immortalizes that which should just be so much bull$hit in an otherwise dull day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Climate Change

I moved out of Wisconsin because it has a horrible climate at least 60% of the time.  I effected my own climate change by moving to Louisiana, and I do not regret this change in latitude.  I would insert all of the southern jokes here, but for the most part, I find the people extraordinarily friendly and polite, unlike Wisconsinites who are frozen in frigid and don't ever thaw out.  The politics are atrocious but they are in Wisconsin, as well.

But the really awful thing is that actual climate change is occurring at such an accelerated rate, and 1 in 4 Americans don't believe it's true.  I guess one in four is good odds at the craps table, but one in four stupid people in America is almost more than I can fathom --- and I can fathom a $hitload of Stupid.

One in four Americans don't believe in climate change or global warming, despite alarming evidence to the contrary.

Now someone please tell me how we can have such incredibly ignorant people here and be the leader of the free world.  It's a scam, I tell you.  Americans have been repeating that mantra --- leader of the free world -- for so long, we actually believe it ourselves and have the rest of the world believing it.

It's a scam.  America SUCKS.  Get the word out.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Okay, so a simple man, a pope, but really nothing more than a simple man, decides to sanctify two other popes. 

Anyone else see this as ludicrous?  Ridiculous?  Taking liberties?  Elevating oneself to God status? 

I really don't get the false gods of the catholic church.  I really don't get the catholic church.  But that's alright.  It's just that my spiritual power tells me to respect other people's beliefs and religious rites, but I find this very difficult when it comes to catholics. 

What would happen if the pope claimed the environment to be a saint --- which it is since it sustains all of us.  Would people have more respect for the environment then?  Would BP pay their claims for the gulf disaster they created? 

Since I'm on a rant already - let me just ask the question why BP is allowed to continue to operate in the United States?  What is wrong with this country?  Why haven't we completely doused all BP executives in crude oil and forced them and their offspring live that way for the next 100 years?  It's karmic to do so.  Of course, when you're an oily grease ball to begin with, I guess it wouldn't matter.

And on that note, why is there always a catfish lawyer out to make an illegal buck, precluding the people who legitimately deserve to be compensated from the gulf disaster from collecting damages.  Catfish lawyers - the bottom feeders of society, give all attorneys a bad name.  It's a shame that predatory people are ALWAYS surrounding us. 

The popes feed off the fear of the common man not unlike sharks in the water.

The catfish lawyers feed off the misery of the common man.

The politicians feed off the public tax trough, and all become pigs, despite their best intentions.

We are a disgusting example of a life form.  And I think mother earth is going to get rid of us very soon.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Of all the news stories that make me want to puke --- and I live in America ---- so there is no shortage; the headline that made me the most sick was having Scott Walker referred to as one of the most influential people in America.

Influential to f*cking whom?  Give me a f*cking break.  Can you see that the f*ck word just keeps reappearing in this essay because anyone who thinks a dumb f*ck like Scott F*cking Walker has any ability to influence anyone with a f*cking brain, you're dead f*cking wrong.

Scott Walker is a puppet, a pawn, a Koch-sucker and a f*ckhead.  He is the shining poster boy for tea party politics in this nation --- nothing more.  He has never had an original f*cking thought in his head and his only talent is to f*ck everything up beyond f*cking repair.

F*ck Scott Walker.  F*ck the f*cking stupid Americans who voted for this f*ck face and put him in office.  F*ck the Koch's for buying the government they want.

We're all f*cked if Scott Walker is a f*cking influential person.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cliches Run Rampant in the South

I just watched the Baton Rouge evening news, and had to laugh at the bourbon swilling-southern talking, Hollywood Screen Test perfect epitome of a Louisiana politician talk about how he doesn't care what the rest of the country does, there will be NO relaxation of marijuana penalties here in the State of Louisiana.

Hysterical.  I couldn't even get mad; this guy was such a cliché.  He was so typical of what you think of when you think of a southern politician.  The only thing missing was the grift cash hanging out of his pockets.

I was never a big pot smoker, although I had my moments.  I don't necessarily believe that America will be a better place if all the stoned people are now legally stoned.  I do believe that the legalization of marijuana would get this country out of debt in less than a decade.  I don't understand why republicans don't jump on that bandwagon, since all they do is cry about debt.  I guess their idea of paying off the national deficit is best served by doing it off the back of the ever-shrinking middle class.  republicans love to torture and feel superior.  How are they ever going to torture pot smoking deficit paying stoners? 


Aye Carumba --- seriously?  Stoners generally are content to live in a little fog; to enhance their appreciation of music; to get the most out of a chocolate chip cookie or a movie (which they'll see twice because they can't quite remember it after just one viewing).  Of all the dumb things I did because I had smoked marijuana, I never once thought about going out to buy heroin or methamphetamine.  This argument is as old as Kentucky bourbon. 

Again, I fall back on my standby stance of what is wrong with America today.  Rich, old white men  in positions of power.  Let's take their bourbon away!!!!! 

Let's say no old white men over 60 and whom are seated politicians can have bourbon anymore until the marijuana laws are normalized.  Watch how FAST that freakin' happens!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Louisiana Legislature and Reproductive Health

Pretty as it is in this state, and as far from any city I've ever been in as New Orleans is; here are a few basic facts that keeps the people in Louisiana oppressed and downtrodden.

How Louisiana fares in national statistics:

#1 Baton Rouge ranking in AIDS case rate for a metropolitan area.

In Louisiana:

#2 for Gonorrhea

#3 for Syphilis

#4 for Chlamydia

#6 in teen pregnancy

Now lest you think I moved to Louisiana for it's progressive political views; here is how the Louisiana Legislature has responded to the problems listed above:

HB305.  Hoffman.  Restricts individuals who work for an organization with any affiliation to an abortion provider from delivering age appropriate sex education in schools.  VOTE NO.

Hoffman must be a man.  And I ask the age-old question; why does a MAN think he should have anything at all to say about a woman's reproductive choices?  Unless you let women make decisions about removing one of your testicles in an effort to prevent testosterone fueled violence - stay the hell out of my uterine wall.

HB727.  Ivey.  Requires abortion providers to give state mandated materials containing misleading health information to women seeking an abortion.  VOTE NO.

Don't know who Ivey is; but man or woman; it's Louisiana politics at its best; let's give false, provocative, and misleading information to people in place of the simple truth - which obviously the great people in this state don't deserve because they're too stupid to comprehend it.  After all, they voted for IVEY and this is IVEY's way of thinking.

HB388.  Requires that any physician providing abortions must have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles.  If passed, it will potentially close 3 of the 5 abortion providers in the state.

3 of 5 providers in the state?  Do you know how big Louisiana is?  And since it ranks #6 in teen pregnancy, obviously no sex education is happening in the schools.  And since it is at the very bottom of any state in providing services to the poor, the mentally ill, the elderly, or women (especially single mother women) --- well then, why try to prevent abortion?  There can only be one answer.   Louisiana obviously has no problem with the post-natal torture, starvation and murder of children. 

Louisiana --- one state line from being Texas.  And there's no place dumber than TEXASS!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Possible Names for the New Country of Wisconsin

Ice Hole

Cold Comfort Cheese

Walker's Wasteland


Little Libya

Big Butte

Wisconsin Duhs

Tennessee on Steroids

The Next Confederacy

Lesser Butter


I'm actually for Wisconsin seceding from the United States.  Left to its own devices, it could become the next amusement park - the biggest thing since Disney rolled into Orlando.  It could be exactly what America needs right now; to watch King Scotty rule a land he created.  Oy vey, bring it on!  Who amongst us doesn't need to laugh really hard these days.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Defer to Daddy

Oy vey - what the hell is wrong with the republican women in America today?  Pay equality should have been a non-issue from day-one; but our country has a notoriously stupid history, so it took until 2014 for the Senate to pass the law.  It will probably fail in the republican majority House.

I'm reading some of the comments from so called "republican" women, who don't like the law and find fault with the simple concept "equal pay for equal work".  This is how I view these women.
They are simply 1950 Stepford wives who defer all decisions to their husbands.  They do this because they are LITERALLY too stupid, too lazy and too unemployable to get out there and earn their own living.  These women marry well, albeit they generally marry equally as stupid men.  They hold down and trample upon other women in some truly bizarre game of "I've got it better than you because my daddy takes care of me". 

These women don't have husbands, they have daddys.  They are not equal partners in their own marriages.  They are ridiculous, repugnant, regressive and really offensive a$$hole bitches who need to have their wombs sewn shut because from what I can see, the only thing they contribute to society is the addition of equally ignorant children in an already overpopulated world.

F*ck Republican Women.  F*ck Republicans.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Foch the Koch's

I was pleasantly surprised to see an anti-Koch brothers ad running on television here in New Orleans.  The ad was honest ---- Koch's buying a senate seat for a Louisiana tea-party whore clown  named Cassidy.

Anyhow ---- I find the Koch Brothers far more offensive than I find Gwyneth Paltrow, and I find her disgustingly offensive.  These money junkies just turn my stomach --- and I'm sure I am not alone in my revulsion for them, and everything they stand for.  Or lie down for, as that's what whores do for more money.

I don't know how these guys walk out on the streets.  Public sentiment for the Koch Brothers, and people like them, is so negative, if I was in there shoes, you can bet I'd be sure my whole outfit was bullet proof.  Yet, on and on they go, as if they had some right to spread their vitriolic, anti-American sludge on 99% of the people in this country, while reaping the benefits of being nothing more than disgusting thieves.  No, thief is too nice a word for them.  There is honor among thieves.  There is no honor in being a Koch. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow's Lack of Discretion is Legendary

Oh my, there she is in the news again; Gwyneth Paltrow has opened her mouth and out came a bunch of insensitive crap. 

First, she didn't want Vanity Fair magazine digging into her behaviors, her lifestyle or her friends.  Vanity Fair has excellently written articles, so my guess is, there's some stinky stuff out there.  Fact is --- who really cares. Why is she so focused on remaining unscathed?  The only way to go unscathed is to live it.  Not that easy. 

This actress is not bad, as far as her movie roles go.  I like most of the movies she's been in.  They may be a little one dimensional, but she's not a terrible actress like a few who shall remain nameless.

I just don't understand why she opens her mouth and equates herself  to the common single, working mom.  Could there be anything further from the single, working in an office mom, than Gwyneth Paltrow and her four or five large homes? 

Gees, a really smart woman recognizes her limitations and doesn't overstep her bounds.  Gwyneth is not only not very smart, but she's been coddled too long in a Hollywood fantasy world.  All these people need to wake up.  Or shut up.  I guess that would be even better.  Just shut the hell up.  Talk about an annoying human being.  She is the poster child for why the world basically sucks dick. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Southern Comfort

Definitely spring in Louisiana.  The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, the giant mosquitoes that don't bite are flying and the temperatures are beautiful.  For all my friends still stuck in the frigid wasteland of Wisconsin, I feel your pain. 

There are a lot of things that are hard to cope with here in the south.  Lack of social services, poor roads, no sidewalks, chemical pollution, terrible public education,  insane politicians; well, the list is endless, but it does not include bad weather.  Yes we may get a hurricane or two, and absolutely, the summer is hot, sticky, humid and oppressive; but I really don't mind summer.  I've been cold for most of my life; being a little hot once in awhile is a supremely welcome alternative.

I have met some very wonderful people since I moved here.  It's no small feat to move to a new place at this rather late stage of life (I prefer to call it the very far end of middle-age, but in reality, it's the very beginning of my golden years).  It's not easy to make friends, but I've made a couple of friends who are extraordinarily kind and lovely people. 

I'm truly blessed.  It's March, and I'm driving around with my windows open.  I'm wearing sandals.  New Orleans is about 50 minutes from my front door.  The gulf is about two hours away.  I haven't seen a snow flake in almost a year.  Life is good.  And I'm glad I traded the north for the south. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Bobby Jindal Completely Sold Louisiana

I don't understand how a governor can come in and completely decimate a state and all of its natural resources, then think he should run for president.

Bobby Jindal is every thinking man's nightmare as a politician.  Over $3 billion given to corporations (mostly chemical and petro-chemical) in tax credits, and to add insult to injury, these companies are allowed to operate almost free of any oversight, whatsoever, endangering workers and residents who live close by.  Meanwhile, there is a complete lack of any meaningful public services available to the citizens of the state.

The oil/gas exploration industry is under fire to fix the damage they've done to Louisiana's coast; but there is no outrage on the part of Bobby Jindal.  In fact, he looks for ways to NOT demand corporations take any responsibility for the environmental destruction they cause.  Hard to imagine an educated person so clueless about basic science, but there he is.

Never in my life have I seen a human being less fit for any kind of public office than Bobby Jindal.  Ooops - yes I have - Scott Walker up in Wisconsin.

These two clowns are almost as scary as Putin in Russia.  Putin wants to return to that old soviet way of things.  Walker and Jindal haven't got a clue what they want, except not to be unmasked as the total frauds they actually are.  They do that by blowing smoke up people's a$$es in the name of "tax cuts".  Sheesh.  Why don't they just call themselves what they are.... Reverse Robin Hoods --- stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

I'm here to tell you Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal are frauds and unless and until the people in Wisconsin and Louisiana put their thinking caps back on, these types of insane politicians will continue to destroy things.

Forget about crapping where you eat.  These yokels eat their own crap and expect you too, as well.  And like it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

On a Lighter Note

I was enjoying my leisurely life yesterday, and decided to watch some Sophia Coppola movies.  I love Sophia Coppola movies.  She captures human frailty and futility so very well. 

It's interesting that her filmmaking style relies very little on dialogue, and so intensely on facial emotions.  I love that.  But I've always loved reading people, so that makes sense for me.

Regardless, I certainly hope Sophia Coppola continues to make movies and move mountains by the magical sleight of her hand.

I feel I'm seeing true genius in all her films.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jindal a Poster Boy for Garbage and Waste

Why doesn't Bobby Jindal shut up?  He's unintelligent, uninspired and unliked --- by anyone with an ounce of intellect or a grain of dignity.

Bobby Jindal adequately represents Louisiana  - which is inhabited by a lot of uneducated pigs who continually trash the state.  Watching all the garbage on the side of the highways and floating down the rivers now that it's flood season proves this.  Louisiana is full of garbage and Jindal is nothing more than the king of trash.  Jindal needs to stay home and clean up the mess he's allowed this state to become. 

No one likes Jindal's politics --- especially the majority of people in Louisiana.  As far as being president goes --- if you want to turn the United States into a cesspool, toxic waste dump ---- then Bobby Jindal is your man.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona Possibly More Stupid than Louisiana

Seriously --- a bill in Arizona that allows people to discriminate against homosexuals if serving those homosexuals would offend their religious principles?  What F*cking religious principles!!!!

Louisiana is so uptight about all things sexual, they won't allow any discussion of procreation and it's accoutrements whatsoever.......which means that Louisiana has the highest rate of venereal disease in the country. 

I need to calm down.  But it offends my sense of justice to think that Louisiana people don't mind that their sons and daughters contract venereal diseases that can't be cured or will ultimately kill them and THAT is more ACCEPTABLE TO THEM than sex education, access to birth control or freedom of choice.

If I lived in Arizona and I was a homosexual, I would introduce a bill that would allow me to beat to death with a golf club anyone who chose not to serve me.  It makes as much sense as the allowable discrimination that's coming up now. 

Tea party people need to be driven out of society.  They're a menace, they're dangerous, and they're quite possibly the most disgusting people to exist in all the universe.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scott Walker a Stupid Criminal

Yes, Scott Walker got caught with his hand in the cookie jar of secret e-mail systems and definite knowledge of his staff doing political fund raising/spreading of vicious lies on the taxpayers dime.  Scott Walker allowed his staff to do all this while he was supposed to be Milwaukee's county executive and they were supposed to be county staffers.  Unfortunately they were all MIGHTY busy running his gubernatorial campaign instead of solving county issues.   Point in fact - NO Milwaukee County issue was ever solved while Scott Walker was in office. 

It even made the news down here in Bobby Jindal, ultra-conservative land.

Well, anyone whose read this blog knows that I've been calling Scott Walker a lying s.o.b. since day one.  Not only is he an underhanded criminal, he's a stupid one.  This will go a long way in reducing Scott Walker's credibility; which is the only thing he had to say about the matter; that his political foes will use it as fodder to discredit him.

The thing about Scott Walker is that he's a discredit to himself, but he's incapable of seeing it.  This is a common trait of people who are most certainly NOT civic-minded, and in fact, are little more than idiots who manage to get themselves elected by other idiots.

I wish we could tie Scott Walker up on the capitol grounds in Madison and take a whack at him with a baseball bat.  That's an American past-time I could get into; getting even with the stupid bastards who brought this country to the appalling condition it's in.

F*ck Scott Walker.  Now and Forever!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Southern Stupid

Just thought I'd share a couple of stories out of the south, which are completely and utterly moronic.  Trust me, I WISH the south had a monopoly on these types of stories, but stupid is everywhere in America these days.  I just happen to live in the south right now.

A pastor in Kentucky dies of a snake bite.  Yeah that's right.  He used rattle snakes and other venomous vipers in his church services ---- can't say what the sermons were about --- but I'm guessing it had a hellfire and brimstone theme, which is standard fare here in the bible belt. 

Anyhow, this doofus had conducted religious rituals using these snakes.  He'd been bitten a few times, went home, laid on the couch and prayed.  Only this time, God decided that he'd answered that prayer once too often and let the dumb S.O.B die.  Score one for God.   My husband said there are just two words for this pastor and I guessed they were "natural selection", but no, they were "good riddance". 

The appalling thing is that one of his church members was killed a few years ago after attending a snake service and being bitten herself.  Apparently, he took her to his house to pray for her but she also died. 

So, this holy man of Saint Serpent of the Sepulcher has come full circle, I guess.  I call that karma.

Anyone who has ever spent a summer in southern Louisiana (or northern Louisiana for that matter) knows that it is hot here ---- stifling hot, stifling humid, stifling uncomfortable.  That's why we live indoors mostly between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day during July and August.

But here's another stupid south story.  The prisoners on death row in Angola state penitentiary are supposed to get air conditioning, by federal court order, as steaming them to near death in a sauna was determined to be cruel and unusual punishment.  Trust me, not having a/c in Louisiana is cruel and unusual punishment and I don't really look forward to my first hurricane to find that out first hand. 

But the State of Louisiana is going to fight that order and take it to an appellate court in order NOT to install a/c for prisoners.  They will spend money and they will lose.  They are already trying to speed up the process for killing prisoners on death row; the powers that be don't like the long wait between the convicts crime and their own.  Capital punishment may be a law, but it is a terrible law, and in my opinion, an absolute crime.  I think the State of Louisiana should suck it up and keep these death row inmates cool until they can ice them.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dismally Disappointing American Leaders

The radical, religious right is so destructive, I don't know why they are thriving.  Someone surely must have pushed the self destruct button on America.  Enter these people.   They are so couched in stupidity and regressive thinking, it's more than appalling or alarming.  It's dangerous and the tea party people are terrorists to those of us who believe in the constitution and our rights as defined therein.  These people are nothing more than a politicized version of the Ku Klux Klan, spreading their hatred for women and their bigotry against the poor, the atheists, in short, anyone who has an opinion that isn't short-sighted and without facts.  These guys should be force smoked medical marijuana until their eyes adjust to some kind of light, because they are stumbling blind in trying to lead our country.

Ray Nagin was found guilty of 20 of the 21 counts of fraud and racketeering here in New Orleans.  I feel emotionally charged about this.  New Orleans was basically underwater, and this guy is brokering back room deals that line his pockets, while people died or lost everything.  Talk about a grifter.  How did this guy fall so low?  Its worrisome, because at one time, Ray Nagin was the great black hope of New Orleans.  He squandered his greatness opportunity for thirty pieces of silver.  I'm anxious to see how he will be sentenced.  He's really not that different from a lot of Washington politicians, who just pander themselves in a more subtle fashion.  At least, they manage to hide the bodies before the media gets a chance to record the deaths.

At this point, it is my belief that we cannot save America and it should be dismantled.   We need to hand this country back to the Native Americans we stole it from, and let them sort out the mess.  Although that, in itself, is a cruel and unusual punishment to lay on anyone.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

American Culture - Or Lack Thereof

Here in Louisiana, radical right thinking is attacking a women's right to make a choice about whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

I've always thought abortion was a ridiculous form of birth control and women, as well as men, should take more responsibility for their procreative abilities.  But I will defend your right to the death to make the choice for yourself.  It's very Catholic here in southern Louisiana.  It's also very old boy politics, and there is nothing a good old boy likes better than a southern belle who knows her place.  Pretty, no-opinion, soft-spoken, and able to make a nice pitcher of sweet tea.  And pregnant.

Don't get me wrong - I find a lot of beauty here in the deep south.  It's just right next to everything terribly ugly.

I was watching the spring fashion shows in New York.  I like to go shopping and buy new clothes and shoes; but I'm not an idiot savant over it, which is what it seems to me people - mostly women people - have become.   All I ask is that I never carry a purse I can fit a sleeping bag in, my shoes are cute and comfortable and that I'll always wear nothing larger than a size 8.  Here's a clue --- if you look in the mirror and your head is way too big for your body, you're not the right size   -  stop dieting!  And if you're defined by the very large curves of your a$$ or your gigantically rigid boobs, that's probably not a good thing, either.

I recently read an article about a rather famous Australian filmmaker, and after doing so, I should be somewhat happy that I'll never meet him.  He's so enraptured with his own genius, he's an absolute moron.  I wonder how the people who work for him, dangling on his every word like so many participles, ever take themselves seriously?  Perhaps his films are great --- but his process is galling.  That's just me. Never could stand megalomaniacs.  I think a room full of heroin addicts would be far more interesting than this guy.  I think a room full of tomatoes would be more fun to be around.

And speaking of heroin addicts --- why is it that in this SUPPOSED greatest country on the planet - we have epidemic heroin and other hard drug issues, violence, poverty, hate and bigotry?  The American Dream is nothing more than a very bad nightmare, one from which we, collectively, can't seem to wake up.  If we could, we would have done so generations ago.

Oh well.  Maybe it will get interesting soon --- because it's mind-numbingly boring right now.  The same problems are boring.  The same hatreds are boring.  This country is boring.  Our government is boring.  Men's fashion is boring.  Someone start the revolution, and call me when it's got a good head of steam.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gotta Love the South for its Movie Fodder

The police chief in Brusly, right across the river from us, is under arrest and will be indicted for using his city-issued gas credit card to fill up the tanks of his family members --- to the tune of about $1200 in one month.  He doesn't think he should be removed from office, nor does he think he's a bad person and he further believes he can uphold the letter of the law.  Aw shucks.  What a good ol' boy. 

In a sudden twist, the police chief in Sorrento, which is just down the road from us, suddenly resigned because he is being indicted for forcing a hand-cuffed, drunk suspect (a woman - let's make that much clear) to commit oral sex acts upon his (little) person.  The FBI was investigating him and these old southern sheriff's take a lot of umbrage when the FBI gets called.

Currently, the city of Baton Rouge will pay about $40,000 to the grandma of a murder suspect for busting into her apartment, putting her on the floor and stomping on her face.  (Note:  grandson wasn't in the apartment.)

I had no idea when I moved here that I would be reliving scenes from Easy Rider. 

Like it's roads and byways, Louisiana can't seem to clean itself up.  It's a damn shame, but its ridiculously entertaining for someone like me; who has decided unequivocally that she lives in the most stupid country on the planet.

But hell, the food is good, the booze flows readily and sooner or later, pot will be legal everywhere!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ray Nagin's Trial

It's pretty disgusting to watch the Ray Nagin trial here in New Orleans.  It's also very interesting how some cities just attract the worst politicians and in which political malfeasance runs rampant, unchecked and, worse, accepted as the way of doing things.

New Orleans is an old city, and a beautiful city.  It is also a corrupt city; from its police force to its leaders.  Everybody has their palm out and it's greased palm Sunday down here.  Being on the take is a religion.  Killing and cover ups are business as usual for the police.

I don't get it.  I lived very close to Chicago for most of my life, and Chicago and Cook County are as enmeshed in politics for sale as any city in America.  The cops carry throw away guns for their justifiable homicides in the windy city. Maybe things are better there --- maybe not. 

For some reason, New Orleans can't seem to clean itself up.  It's better, since Hurricane Katrina wiped out and washed out great areas of the city.  It didn't quite get rid of all the rats, though.  Ray Nagin is one who made a final effort to shake down people and businesses after the Hurricane.  Maybe he had PTSD.  Maybe the temptation was just too great.  I can name a lot of things I claim I wouldn't do, but if you lay it out on a finely appointed table in front of me; well; maybe my resolve isn't as steadfast as I think it is.  Maybe that's the truth about Ray Nagin.  Or maybe Ray Nagin just came under the spell of New Orleans politics ---- which has to be a little like heroin addiction.

I love New Orleans and I hate what politician after politician, police chief after police chief, and fat cat after fat cat has done, and continues to do to the city.  I think the entire city should be turned over to the musician's union.  Let the musicians run New Orleans.  Let the artists run New Orleans.  Let the street people run New Orleans.  Anyone but the cuckoo birds who look at New Orleans as a good place to launch their political careers. 

Southern Louisiana is on the migratory flight plan for almost every bird in North America.  Especially the cuckoo birds.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Climate Change

It would seem that we have passed the tipping point where anything can be done about climate change and global warming.

It is unfortunate that so many people have been in denial about this very real, and life-destroying phenomena for so long.  I have heard the rationalizations - sun spot activity, natural planet cyclical processes, blah blah blah.  I've heard it all, from supposedly well-educated people whom I considered smart.  I don't think these people are smart anymore.  The science is well documented and you'd have to be pretty ignorant to deny the basic facts.

The truth is, the extreme weather we are seeing (and have been seeing for years in increased hurricane force, F5 tornados, blizzards, typhoons, etc.) is caused by global warming.  We're in deep and pretending we don't have a problem really won't make a difference now.  We're past the point where anything we do now will help us.

California is on fire.  So is Australia.  The polar ice caps are melting, creating the horrible polar weather being experienced in much of America this winter.  And the people who think global warming isn't happening because its so dang cold outside are just amazing in their lack of intelligence.

Our wildlife is dying.  Out planet is gasping.  And we're well on the way to extinction.  But people still don't believe. 

How stupid we are.   Dumb has gone viral.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Do I Need?

Having a riotous good time watching the former governor of Virginia being exposed for collecting goodies from people seeking political favors.

Really, who doesn't need an inaugural ball gown free of charge?  I certainly could use one.  I'm bound to be inaugurated into something sooner or later.  I would really relish a free whopper of a shopping trip in NYC.  Also could use some new furniture and appliances, not to mention designer shoes.  Wait.  No.  I don't want any of those things.  I'm prepping for death and trying to divest myself of the impediments of life.  It's almost harder than amassing the crap in the first place.  Note to Americans:  All that crap you've the end, no one wants it!

Politics in America;  what a shakedown.

America is a shakedown artist and it is very sad that people still have any faith at all in our leaders, in our system and most importantly, in that whole crazy concept of America, which couldn't be further from the reality of America.  The rest of the world certainly views us as a sham; but Americans are pretty slow on the uptake.  We love being spoon fed bull$hit; we were raised on it, we like the taste and we're addicted. 

Now don't f*cking forget to vote because your vote can make a difference.

Someone kill me.

Monday, January 20, 2014

WTF Cracker Heads?

If there is one very unsightly, ugly and unbelievable problem in Louisiana, it is the fact that some people here are so stupid, the world has become their garbage dump.  I just took a ride though the backwoods, and couldn't believe the huge bags of trash thrown on the side of the road by ignorant, no - skip that - idiot Louisianans.  I even saw a dead dog thrown out with the trash.  This was disgusting.  In every ditch, there are beer cans, trash bags, Styrofoam trays, water bottles, clothes, shoes, anything you can think of to be discarded lives on the side of the road in Louisiana. 

Are these people just backwoods, uneducated swamp critters with the brains of gnats?  I don't think so, because I just took a walk around LSU lakes, and the same can be said for that area.  It's inhabited by disgusting pigs who obviously don't know they are disgusting pigs.  LSU doesn't seem to be educating them, either.  SO why isn't anyone organizing a clean up of this mess?  I don't get it.  What I do get is that in the south, an awful lot of people are lazy, stupid, uneducated pigs.  By choice.

I used to freak out completely if my kids ever threw trash down on the ground.  They learned, very early, not to trash the planet.  This seems like a pretty simple concept.  You just wait to dump trash out of your car until you get home.  Not here and it is annoying beyond belief.  I guess the cops here don't have time to enforce littering laws, if there is such a thing as a littering law.  Hell, they don't have time to investigate crimes, as evidenced by a recent theft at an ATM of Tim's bank account info.  We went to report it; the police told us to go to the Sheriff; the Sheriff wasn't OPEN!  Can you believe this.

This is republican land.  This is what happens.  No cops to enforce the few laws on the books..  No respect for the common good.  And the rich building fences to keep out the trash. 

I shudder to think how many environmental laws aren't being enforced here.  It's scary in the petrochemical capital of America.

Wealth Addicts

I read a most interesting article in The NY Times, written by a former Wall Street money junkie.  His insights into earning obscene amounts of money and bonuses were quite eye-opening.  I think all people entertain the notion of getting a huge amount of money and living the high life.  Unfortunately, that would only be for a little while, as someone unaccustomed to having a lot of money would have absolutely no clue on how to manage their finances, and would spend their fortune very quickly.  I see this has happened frequently, and is called the Curse of the Lottery, when it really is just inexperience and ignorance.

But, the point this writer was making is people with money, lots more money than average people can ever imagine, have an addiction to it that is similar to heroin or methamphetamine users.  There is never enough.  If there is never enough, then they keep that money out of circulation by hoarding it.  More sad, though, is their absolute belief that they will never have enough money and they need more; and they get more by believing what they're doing on Wall Street is somehow important and they work hard for it and deserve it.  But what do the rest of the people deserve?  Certainly not the toilet world that's being handed to them.

What a vicious addiction wealth must be.  It changes the brain, as do the more mundane substances one can become addicted to.  This article almost (almost being the key point here) made me glad I'll never have a lot of money.  But then, if I did, my joy would be in making other people's lives easier; not hoarding it into extinction (my own).  I know I probably wouldn't have great wealth for very long.   But that would be okay.  I don't want to be a slave to anything, not money, not stuff, not drugs.  It took me many decades to get here, so apart from feeling very sad about not being able to help people who really struggle to make it in the world, I guess I'll just be happy being here and being (relatively) free.

I wonder what the world will look like when money is worthless.  It will be interesting to find the value then.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Failing My Self Improvement Class

My assignment was to write down three people I'd like to invite to my house for cocktails.

I think you all pretty much know my attitude, so it should surprise no one that it took me quite some deliberation to even think of three people (living or dead) I'd like to have cocktails with.  My answer would depend on my (usually black) mood --- from everyone I've ever known, loved or despised to absolutely not a single person on the planet.  Me and my good buddy Johnny Walker, so to speak.

Anyhow.  These three eventually came to mind.  They're all dead.  But this is an assignment not a reality show (thank Freakin' God).

1.  John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck so totally understood the depth and breadth of the human condition, he could translate it to a written word, and make YOU, the reader, not just understand the depth and breadth of it but experience the pain and the joy of it.  That's a writer.  On a more personal level, John Steinbeck novels leave you with the very fortunate condition of never feeling comfortable making a judgment about another human being for the rest of your born days.

2.  Vincent Van Gogh. 

Vincent Van Gogh liked to drink wine and I like to drink wine.  And whiskey.  An occasional margarita or vodka martini.  Definitely hurricanes.  Rum.  Absinthe.  I digress.  Vincent Van Gogh taught me that genius is almost never going to be found in convention, and rarely going to be recognized in its possessor's lifetime.  In fact, genius is going to be mostly derided and dismissed, due to the overwhelming insecurity of very smart and fabulously educated non-geniuses. 

3.  Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut taught me the importance of having an alter-ego (hence this blog).  Having an alter-ego will maintain your sanity.  Having a place to express all the things you'd like to say and do, but can't say and do for fear of recrimination, excommunication, or the dreaded black ball of disinterest denial and dismissal.

Kurt Vonnegut's alter ego was a science fiction writer named Kilgore Trout.  (Who lived and died a life not unlike Vincent Van Gogh's.)   One of Kilgore Trout's stories, (one that was derided and dismissed) had to do with an alien space craft landing in a farmer's field.  The farmer's barn started on fire, so the aliens rushed to the farm house to tell the farmer that his barn was on fire.  The aliens only means of communication, however, was farting and tap dancing.  As the aliens tried to communicate to the farmer that his barn was on fire by farting and tap dancing, the barn, alas, burned to the ground.

We're all farting and tap dancing here folks.  Nobody knows what we're saying.  Especially this bitch on a bus.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Red White and Blue really Black, Blacker and Blackest

This country is so full of crap I can't stand living here.

There are a few things on which I can rely:

#1.  Any political statement sponsored by Americans for Prosperity is an outrageous lie.

#2.  Americans are too stupid to understand the hoax being perpetrated on them by #1.

#3.  Chris Christie is a pain in the a$$, fat cat whose penchant for power is only overshadowed by his penchant for (obviously) all the wrong foods.

#4.  Anything Bobby Jindal does Scott Walker will mimic.  Two half wits if there ever was a whole.

#5.  Scott Walker being paid a governor's salary is sadder, more ironic, and just plain unfair than his opinions on who earns a minimum wage.  Scott Walker would be overpaid at minimum wage.  Period.

#6.  The fact that a whole city was unable to drink or bathe in water because it's been contaminated by a business is reflective of how all of America is being sold out for a corporate bottom line.

#7.  The fact that a whole state's coastline has been destroyed by oil and gas exploration companies is a crime even more hideous than the crime of the local fisherman's ignorant opinion that to fix this would cause fishing problems.  Huh?  Fishing problems?  Louisiana is a classic example on how it benefits corporations to keep the populace uneducated by spoon feeding them fish tales.

#8.  I live in the south.  It's conservative.  I get that.  But I can't stand the news programs and how freaking biased all information broadcast here actually is.  Can someone please start up a television station that doesn't reek of stagnant cultural biases.

#9.  Justin Bieber does coke.  Jesus - we haven't had a decent new drug in decades.  Coke is so passé.  As unhappy as Americans are, you'd think someone would have come up with a fun drug that's actually good for you.  I mean, besides Viagra.

#10.  American's are as f*cking boring as their ridiculous opinions, hobbies and fetishes.  As a culture, we're so NOTHING.  Why would anyone covet anything here?  I'm just so over this super power, because it's SO NOT.  We're dull, depressed, dissatisfied, demented, delusional and drugged up.  Someone kill us.

Obviously, I'm having a particularly unpatriotic day today.  These moods descend on me on a regular basis.  Sure wish I didn't live in America.  It's killing me.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's Have a Traffic Jam

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is under scrutiny and fire for possibly causing major traffic problems on the George Washington Bridge, which connects Manhattan to Ft. Lee, New Jersey because a politician in Ft. Lee refused to back him.

Okay, that's a classic example of government gone rogue.  When any politician puts his political aspirations ahead of the good of his constituency, and in this case, to the detriment of his constituency, that person needs to be removed from office.  People enter politics supposedly to "serve", not to cause problems for the common man.

In the overall scheme of things, all of our politicians are exactly like Chris Christie, which is why democracy no longer works.  Even recalling every politician in office today wouldn't fix it, because the system is irreparably broken. 

But back to Christie.  He claims he didn't know; which means he doesn't have a clue what his top administrators are doing.  Not exactly leadership material.  And if he did know, and conspired to create problems for Ft. Lee, New Jersey, than what kind of person is he?  One almost wishes for a Tony Soprano-like figure to rise from the shadows and put an end to Chris Christie's nonsense.  But since we can't kill all of our leaders, and all of our leaders can't lead --- what do we do?

If only someone had an answer.  There certainly seems to be no political solution.   I feel like an ancient Roman, watching the decline of this empire.  I do so with mixed emotions.  Good riddance and Holy Crap --- what's coming next?

Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Love the Unloveable

I find it very difficult to find love or forgiveness inside myself when I see starving children suffering in Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon, brought to you by ridiculous Muslim men who think themselves religious.

I can't stand right wing politicians who continually flap their rhetoric while evidence of their misguided philosophy lies all around them.

The haters who spray their delusional venom over anything or anyone who doesn't fit a rigid set of standards only a hater could understand, cause me great anxiety and an empty heart.

So how do you love these people, because, it is true, love cures everything.  The problem is, how do you do it?

Selective love doesn't cure the problems of the world.  So even if you're a loving person, limiting your love to your friends and family isn't enough.

I guess we all need to fake it until we can make it.  For someone who can smell fakery from ten miles, and is appalled by disingenuous people, this sounds like a pretty big lump of a bitter pill to swallow.  But so it is.......pretend you love these people until you can actually love them.  There are people in my own family I find difficult to stomach, much less love; but I guess it is my job to pretend I love them until I actually can love them.  I am working on this.

People who are loved, who feel loved, and are able to respond to love will behave better than those who are completely unloved.  All you need is love.  But the state of the world says we need a whole lotta love right now - even if we're just fakin' it till we can make it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bobby Jindal and his Idiot Government

Billions of dollars given to Louisiana to rebuild after several major hurricanes is still sitting idle on the coffers.

One has to wonder about the reasons for this.  Obviously, Jindal and his tea party protagonists can't figure out a way to distribute this wealth to the wealthy in any kind of legitimate way.

A lot of that money was to be for rebuilding affordable housing, but that means housing for people who can't afford McMansions and Starter Castles; in other words, undesirables.  Until the Jindal administration can figure out how to funnel that money into the upper middle class, it will just sit on the books.

I understand that the republicans are all about not spending money that doesn't directly benefit the 1% of the population who write public policy and own the republicans.  Still, it seems like the federal government should take back this money if Louisiana can't figure out what to do with it.  Give it to Mexico - they'd know what to do with it.

Here in Baton Rouge, the roads are disgustingly unsafe; the traffic patterns create gridlock, the cops don't pay any attention to the idiot drivers and the idiot drivers are busy killing pedestrians, whom don't have any sidewalks to transport them anywhere safely.

Is it REALLY that freakin' hard to figure out where to spend some money in this state?  Apparently, if you're as lame as Bobby Jindal, it most certainly is.  Demand the dorks who run this state start disbursing these funds to public projects that would benefit the citizens of this state.  What are they waiting for.  I tell you what they're waiting for.  YOU to turn your back.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Barbara Bush Hospitalized

In terms of sensitivity and compassion, let me just say that when I heard the news that Barbara Bush was hospitalized with a respiratory ailment, I felt absolutely nothing except disgust she'd get as much as five minutes of national news coverage.

Sorry.  It's how I feel about the matriarch of one of the more intensely stupid political families of which our nation has been uniquely burdened.

If Barbara Bush can't breathe, well, that's karma baby, for telling all the people in the Houston Astrodome after Hurricane Katrina that they were living large and had things better than they'd ever had them before.

Choke on the air, sweetie.  This particular person absolutely doesn't give a $hit how purple you turn, how miserably you suffer, or when you take your dying breath --- as long as you take it and never pollute the airwaves again with your twisted values diatribe.

Ding Dong - the Witch Might Die.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I do this every year; list the things I'm going to officially try to accomplish for 2014.  Doesn't usually work out, so maybe I should rename this New Year's Re- Delusions.  But here goes.

1.  Cigarettes.  Yes.  Every year.  On the list.  Been two days since I lit up.  All I can say is I enjoy being an addict and why wouldn't I?  However, I do not enjoy having a cough or hearing about people I know who have developed COPD. 

2.  Lose weight.  This I need to take seriously since I live in the land where less clothing is definitely more optimal.  I used to be able to hide those ten pounds under sweaters, boots and excellently tailored pants.  No longer possible.  I have 3 weeks to lose some fattage that's hanging around my mid section.  This one I must accomplish.

3.  Eat less sugar.  Uh huh.  Right.  I love sugar, too.  Well, alright, enough is enough.  I don't want to develop diabetes.  I guess I should take this somewhat more seriously than I do.

4.  Stop being so generous.  This has become a fault with me; wherein I'm cutting off my means to make sure other people have what they need.  That is not necessarily my responsibility and I need to realize it.  This will be hard for me since our society is so f*cked up right now and most people are having a very difficult time financially.

5.  I will beep my horn less at all these rotten Louisiana drivers as it seems to be the ultimate expression of bad manners here.  They can cut you off, rear end you, cross the center line and cause your death, and all of that is more acceptable here than beeping a horn.  I just like to beep my horn.  Sometimes I do it for no reason.  Boy do people get mad here when you beep your horn.  It's sort of like talking with your mouth full of food.

6.  I will increase my lap swimming time from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and I will go to the pool a minimum of five days per week. 

7.  I will write a minimum of one page per day on anything that's not a blog, an e-mail or a Facebook post.

8.  I will eat more fish and I will cook more creatively.

That's it.  That's a lot.  That's probably far less than what I need to do, but it's a start.