Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Love the Unloveable

I find it very difficult to find love or forgiveness inside myself when I see starving children suffering in Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon, brought to you by ridiculous Muslim men who think themselves religious.

I can't stand right wing politicians who continually flap their rhetoric while evidence of their misguided philosophy lies all around them.

The haters who spray their delusional venom over anything or anyone who doesn't fit a rigid set of standards only a hater could understand, cause me great anxiety and an empty heart.

So how do you love these people, because, it is true, love cures everything.  The problem is, how do you do it?

Selective love doesn't cure the problems of the world.  So even if you're a loving person, limiting your love to your friends and family isn't enough.

I guess we all need to fake it until we can make it.  For someone who can smell fakery from ten miles, and is appalled by disingenuous people, this sounds like a pretty big lump of a bitter pill to swallow.  But so it is.......pretend you love these people until you can actually love them.  There are people in my own family I find difficult to stomach, much less love; but I guess it is my job to pretend I love them until I actually can love them.  I am working on this.

People who are loved, who feel loved, and are able to respond to love will behave better than those who are completely unloved.  All you need is love.  But the state of the world says we need a whole lotta love right now - even if we're just fakin' it till we can make it.

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