Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's Have a Traffic Jam

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is under scrutiny and fire for possibly causing major traffic problems on the George Washington Bridge, which connects Manhattan to Ft. Lee, New Jersey because a politician in Ft. Lee refused to back him.

Okay, that's a classic example of government gone rogue.  When any politician puts his political aspirations ahead of the good of his constituency, and in this case, to the detriment of his constituency, that person needs to be removed from office.  People enter politics supposedly to "serve", not to cause problems for the common man.

In the overall scheme of things, all of our politicians are exactly like Chris Christie, which is why democracy no longer works.  Even recalling every politician in office today wouldn't fix it, because the system is irreparably broken. 

But back to Christie.  He claims he didn't know; which means he doesn't have a clue what his top administrators are doing.  Not exactly leadership material.  And if he did know, and conspired to create problems for Ft. Lee, New Jersey, than what kind of person is he?  One almost wishes for a Tony Soprano-like figure to rise from the shadows and put an end to Chris Christie's nonsense.  But since we can't kill all of our leaders, and all of our leaders can't lead --- what do we do?

If only someone had an answer.  There certainly seems to be no political solution.   I feel like an ancient Roman, watching the decline of this empire.  I do so with mixed emotions.  Good riddance and Holy Crap --- what's coming next?

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