Thursday, January 2, 2014

Barbara Bush Hospitalized

In terms of sensitivity and compassion, let me just say that when I heard the news that Barbara Bush was hospitalized with a respiratory ailment, I felt absolutely nothing except disgust she'd get as much as five minutes of national news coverage.

Sorry.  It's how I feel about the matriarch of one of the more intensely stupid political families of which our nation has been uniquely burdened.

If Barbara Bush can't breathe, well, that's karma baby, for telling all the people in the Houston Astrodome after Hurricane Katrina that they were living large and had things better than they'd ever had them before.

Choke on the air, sweetie.  This particular person absolutely doesn't give a $hit how purple you turn, how miserably you suffer, or when you take your dying breath --- as long as you take it and never pollute the airwaves again with your twisted values diatribe.

Ding Dong - the Witch Might Die.

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