Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scott Walker - No Pardon Me

It's interesting that Scott Walker has not pardoned anyone, nor does he plan to.

This seems to be a republican thing.  If you make a mistake, you must pay forever.  Punitive behavior is the mark of the GOP. 

I come from a Norwegian family; punitive behavior is a hallmark of Norwegians.  Never forgive.  Never (let them) forget.  Never give anyone a break.  Always make them pay the price.  Always find someone to blame.  Never believe bad things happen to good people.  Gees.  I can't believe how punitive my family is.  I guess this predisposition for unforgiving is all tied up in their own sense of self-worth.  Or its deflective behavior typical of passive/aggressive personalities.  Whatever, I'm glad I understand my family and glad that I can take steps to protect myself from their judgments.  It is rather easy.  These people are in no position to judge anyone, so they, basically, are stone casters and I've removed myself from their strike zone.

It's harder for one of two major political parties to hold this "holier than thou" view, and to expect the citizenry to admire them for it. 

But then, there's Herman Cain, he of the wondering phallus.  Now how this presidential candidate thinks he still has any chance at the oval office, with all the women coming forward with information about his extra marital activities, is beyond me.  But he perseveres.  It's interesting how the GOP crucified Bill Clinton with the Monica Lewinsky debacle.  Yet, Herman Cain flat out denies any wrongdoing.  And Newt Gingrich?  Am I the only one who remembers this guy with the same roving appendage that seems to plague Herman Cain, was so audacious that while his wife was dying, he was dallying with another woman?  

The GOP is the party of hypocrites.  Just what America needs, more judgmental liars who have conveniently forgotten their own misdeeds.  Funny, I thought elephants have long memories. Apparently, not where sex is concerned.  GOP.  The Party of Little Heads.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

300,000 and Counting

Just a little over two weeks and already 300,000 signatures have been collected in support of the recall of our Idiot Governor-Eject, Scott Walker.  Since we only need 500,000 and change in signatures by January, I don't think we have a problem, here.  The momentum to recall Scott Walker and get him out of a job he is unqualified to perform is monumentally successful.  All this in just two weeks.

People of Wisconsin have a voice, and it will drown out the voices of the uber-rich, the stony of democratic heart, and the plain ignoramus' who voted this yokel into office in the first place.  Power to the people.

Despite the fact that this movement is definitely on track and picking up speed like an out of control freight train, I urge Wisconsinites not to lose sight of the importance of grass roots movements.  Continue to collect signatures, continue to educate the people who have become so numb from negative politics, they aren't able to make informed choices, and continue to do your part to remove Scott Walker from office.

We are the people.  We are Wisconsin.  We are not going to take any abuses, anymore.  And I don't care how much money you pour into Wisconsin to defeat us.  Your cash ain't nothin' but trash.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Familiar Rant

Okay, so this is one of my biggest rants, but I'm going to say it again.  Nowhere, in the budget deficit debacle that our elected representatives are trying to tackle, is there any mention of cutting the military budget.

Know why?

Because our entire country's economy is based on going to war somewhere to keep the military/industrial complex up and running.

So now that we're pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, how are we going to support the military/industrial complex?

Well, obviously, we will have to invade someone.  My guess, Iran. 

Do Americans realize that billions of dollars worth of equipment will be left behind in both Iraq and Afghanistan?  Gotta keep that military/industrial complex running.  If we leave behind 16,000 trucks, well, tax dollars will be used to have them built and shipped off again. 

Do Americans realize that the military budget is the biggest drain on tax dollars? 

Do Americans realize that our entire country's economy is based on being at war somewhere?

Just for a moment, forget about the dollars, what about the personal cost to families who lose people in these conflicts.  We lost 55,000 soldiers during Vietnam.  For what?  What gain was made in Vietnam?   Looking back now, it was a war about nothing, except keeping that military/industrial complex soaked in taxpayer dollars.

It is a complete and total embarrassment to be an American these days.  Add to that, being an American in Wisconsin is humiliating beyond description. 

America needs to change it's military presence from warmonger to peacekeeper.  That, alone, could be accomplished with far less taxpayer dollars, and promote a global image that isn't, well, downright disgusting.  It's hard to imagine a peacekeeping force.  The bombs bursting in air, well, it is part of our national anthem, isn't it.

I propose we change our national anthem to Woody Guthrie's great folk song, "This Land is Your Land".  I wish I could divorce my alliance to this country, because it stands for nothing I believe in anymore.  Please send me money so I can move to a country I can be proud of.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recall Petitions

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is so upset that Recall Walker petitions were available for signature outside shopping malls.


The Republicans should not worry.  Most Wisconsinites don't venture to malls because they're unemployed, or their income/benefits were slashed so drastically, there is no disposable income to spend at malls.  All of this financial heartache being brought to you courtesy of Republican politics.

I happily signed a petition this weekend.  Scott Walker is a menace to mankind.  Sending him packing will be one of the greatest achievements of my life.

Is Scott Walker worried?  If he's not, then I guess that's the final proof positive that the man is a complete and utter moron.  Will the Republicans use every dirty trick in their political pornographic bag of tricks to fight the recall?  Of course they will.  This is, after all, the party of unscrupulous and underhanded tactics.  It must be tough to be a republican in Wisconsin in this day and age.  The sporting of dunce caps has never been an esteemed fashion statement. 

So, here's my thought.  All television ads touting Scott Walker as a "good" governor should be deemed pornography.  Dirty.  Lying.  Contact with strangers for money.  I wonder if I can make a complaint to the FCC for exposing me to this repulsive commercial activity.  Probably not.  What I can do is circulate petitions for the recall, and in this, I am actively engaged. 

Sign a petition today and let's get Wisconsin back on track.  Recall Walker.  It is Wisconsin's mantra du jour.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's that time of the year when everyone becomes a raging maniac.  There is no peace, no joy, no thanks, no adoration.  Just bargain hunters.

Can you tell I work in retail?  Not for much longer, thankfully, but my new job won't start until after the 1st of the year, so I guess I'm stuck working through another holiday season.  Holidays.  They really should be called retail Easter; the store employees seasonal Crucifixion jamboree.

A few suggestions for mall shoppers.  Please remove the bear trap from your foot before venturing out to Christmas shop.  We really don't want your pain to become our pain. 

Smoke some marijuana before Xmas shopping.  Your gift choices may be questionable, but the store clerks will enjoy your winning personality.

If you shop the day after Thanksgiving, well, you're certifiably nuts, but still, don't moan and groan about crowds, rude patrons or how hot you are.  Clue, all clerks think you are insane for venturing into a retail environment on this day, so please, don't be shocked when we treat you, well, like the insane person we think you are.

Please leave your screaming, whining, obnoxious little progeny at home.  Christmas shopping is not for anyone under the age of ten.   And keep the little bastards off the escalators, where they can get seriously hurt while you're hunting down some coupon item or trying on hats.

I, for one, don't give a $hit if you take your business to another store, so when you angrily tell me you'll go to _______ store for your item, try to remember I don't really give a rat's a$$, I'm thinking in my head, "Good, get the f*ck out of this store and away from me you whining, mega-shining a-hole".  Isn't my smile and apology perfect, though.  You'd never guess that I was thinking such vulgarities.  So now you know.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Gift Suggestions for Scott Walker

Several thousand well-placed kicks in the a$$.

A copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People Dumber than Me".

A Cayman Islands bank account.

Wellies.  He must have ruined hundreds of shoes by standing in his own bull$hit.

Medicinal marijuana.

An anatomically correct life-size doll.  Hard to tell what his gender preference would be.  Maybe Rosie the Riveter, who was protected under a union.  He has an obvious fondness for sticking it to the working class.

An invitation to the Koch Brothers mansion for a New Year's Eve party, where he'll stick out like a sore bum.

Satin boxers to soothe his rigid sphincter muscle.

Paint by number sets so he can replace all the art at the Governor's mansion.  I hear he's fond of birds, deer, and the ku klux klan.

Visine with adderal for his lazy eye.

An expense paid trip to Appalachia where he'll meet people who at least look like him.

A unicycle.  What surer way to have him fall on his head?

Bailey's Irish Arsenic.

And, of course, everyone's all time favorite, a Grand Jury Indictment.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Herman Cain Now Under Secret Service Protection

Can you believe it.  Herman Cain has requested, and received, secret service protection.

Damn It.  Where's my Secret Service Protection?  Who is going to protect me from the roster of first class idiots the republican party has slated for the next presidential run?

I demand equal treatment under the law. 

I shouldn't have to watch Rick Perry try to remember why he's standing at a podium.

I shouldn't have to watch Herman Cain try to figure out what Libya is.

These people are damaging my intelligence.  I demand Secret Service protection from these assaults on my brain. 

I thought Sarah Palin was a menace to higher thought processes, but she's nothing in light of this first class run of  special needs politicians.  Seriously, I can't even begin to think of America as anything less than a really distasteful joke.  On me.

Someone please commit the United States to mandatory psychological treatment.  It is a country totally consumed by psychotic leaders.

If we, indeed, continue to build the wall around this joint that everyone seems to want, let's make sure it's fully padded.  And please, throw away the key.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Does Scott Walker Know About Crossing A Line?

Our Governor-Eject said on a radio program this morning that a recall Walker protest targeting his home in Wauwatosa was "crossing the line".

What does Scott Walker know about crossing any lines?  This hopeless meanie thinks trampling the rights of hundreds of thousands of workers in Wisconsin isn't crossing the line?  Scott Walker's Playbook is for the Mentally Challenged, obviously.  It would have to be.

Here's a clue, Walker.  Get used to it.  The citizens of this state will cross all kinds of lines to rid themselves of the likes of you. 

And when you're busy touting your record (what record?), remember to tell the citizens of Wisconsin that the cost of providing security to you is more than double what it was for the last governor.  You haven't saved Wisconsin citizens anything; you have cost us all dearly, with your radical and hidden agendas.  People despise you.  Why would you expect anything less?

Don't pout, Walker, when the citizens are exercising their right to protest your policies in front of your house.  That comes with the territory you've personally landscaped.  And if some of those citizens are carrying guns, well, after all, you gave them that right. 

But here's a thought.......why not resign now, and save us all a lot of trouble.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Herman Cain Slips In the Back Door

No pun intended for other sexual harassment victims waiting to come forward.

Herman Cain rolled into Milwaukee today on his campaign bus, but dodged reporters and slipped into a back entrance of the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

Ho Ho Ho......Merry Christmas.  If this is behavior we would tolerate in our leader, I hereby declare the United States of America mentally retarded.  If anyone believes in Herman Cain, then surely you also believe in Santa Claus.

Anyone not willing to meet the press is not fit for civic duty.....and certainly not fit for jury duty. 

Herman Cain is a not-so-funny joke.  And all you rubes who paid good money to have lunch with this guy, go choke on a chicken bone.

The Mask of Sanity and the Art of Self Deception

Are you wearing the mask of sanity? 

Here's what it looks like.  You portray yourself as a fine, upstanding, morally correct, compassionate and benevolent person.  But when the mask comes off, you're exposed as a fraud, a liar, a cheat, ambitious to a fault, i.e., you'll say and do anything to promote yourself, and you will ALWAYS find a way to blame an innocent person for your own personal crimes against them.

Gees.  Sounds like I just described certain members of my family. 

The Art of Self Deception is that you will wear the mask of sanity, and you will never develop any insight into your less than honorable motives or your fraudulent behavior.  You will never acknowledge that a fairly large part of you stinks to lowest hell.  Those of us who hold our noses in your presence know otherwise, but we also know its best not to point out the shortcomings in your personality.  Your delusion is all you have, and we're happy to let you have it.

We're also smart enough not to let you anywhere near us.

Friday, November 11, 2011

No Wonder - It's Wisconsin

Gees, if things could get any creepier around this state, I'd be surprised.  What is it about this region?  The climate?  The water?  The beer?

Anyhow, we have another story about bizarre crimes committed by Wisconsinites.  Around here, they're a dime a dozen, but frankly, it's just weird how strange the outliers actually are in this state. 

For example:

Ed Gein.  In the 1950's, he dug up graves, murdered women, dressed them out like deer in his garage, made lamp shades out of human skin, and was the model for Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lector, and Anthony Perkins' Norman Bates in Psycho. 

Jeffrey Dahmer.  Oy vey, need I say more?  He tried to zombify his victims by drilling holes in their skulls and pouring in acid.  Also a cannibal.  For those of you who like chocolate, he used to work at Ambrosia Chocolate here in Milwaukee.  Goodness knows what a little something extra went out with industrial vats of chocolate during Dahmer's tenure. 

The Jack the Ripper Girls.  These girls, back in the seventies, were trying to revive the spirit of Jack the Ripper by axing a guy they lured to their flat and then tied up and hacked up.  He survived after a few ax whacks to the head and torso.  But really......Jack the Ripper? 

The Werewolf spirits.  A poor man, lured to Milwaukee from Arizona by the promise of sex from a young girl finds himself standing naked on the street with 300 stab wounds (most superficial).  Apparently, the young woman and her roommate were of the belief that they were werewolves and needed to perform bloody sex to satisfy their wolf spirits.  Apparently, their dog also was a victim of their bizarre rituals.  Poor dog.  Poor guy too, but it should be a lesson out there.....don't travel for sex.  There's bound to be strings attached.

Anyhow, these strange criminals come out of Wisconsin.  So does Scott Walker.  Kind of a scary thought, since Walker's crimes against citizens seem to be adding up.  He must be Half Man/Half Nuts.  Whatever, just another scary criminal Wisconsin has produced.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Look at It

I am back from a hand injury and can type again, which I'm sure makes some people especially unhappy.  Nevertheless, here I am.

It was interesting to read about the high cost of providing security to Scott Walker, his family, and his loyal, if misguided, devotees.  Apparently, Mr. Walker is receiving death threats and needs extra manpower to keep him safe.  These costs are paid for by the average, non-represented Wisconsin citizen.

Here is the rub.  If a leader acts in such a way that his very life is jeopardized, is he the leader we want?  Is he a leader at all?  After Scott Walker trampled the rights of most of the people in the State of Wisconsin, should we be surprised that people are fighting mad and want him gone? 

I don't advocate violence, never have.  My belief is that all problems can be solved intellectually.  Of course, that assumes that the people who have to resolve the problems have an intellect to begin with.

Now that the Ohio collective bargaining disgrace has been overturned by the voice of the people, Walker's recall election will gear up here in Wisconsin.  Here is the thing to remember.  Scott Walker will have a major influx of radical right millionaire money pouring into his coffers to fight the recall. 

Scott Walker will not appear in public much, because even with his extremely thick skull, the information is starting to penetrate that he is reviled.  He will, however, mount a television commercial campaign of outright lies and tampered statistics. 

Please remember these facts:

There has been no increase in jobs for Wisconsin citizens.
Corporate welfare has kicked up so many notches here in Wisconsin that the average Wisconsin worker has virtually no employment rights.
A war on teachers and educators is still being waged by the Walker Administration.
Everyone in Wisconsin, except the top 1% wage earners, or millionaires, has been harmed by Scott Walker and his ridiculous and radical politics.  (Note to people who thinks they are rich......wake up and smell the feces in your garden of rigidly conservative thought processes.  Unless you're a millionaire, there is nothing in Walker's administration that will be good for you.  If you think otherwise, you really need to go back to school).
Not only are people under assault from the Walker administration, the environment is, too.

At any rate, I urge all Citizens of Wisconsin to pay attention NOT to Scott Walkers commercials, but to the groups who pay for them, i.e., the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Progress, Wisconsin Manufacturing & Commerce, etc.  These are nice labels for not so nice people, and these groups are made up of millionaires.  They have nothing in common with the common people.  Reject the lies they will try to disseminate in order to keep their puppet dog in office. 

Wake up Wisconsin.  Let's rid ourselves of the vermin that is Scott Walker and the radical right. 

Let's find an intelligent leader.  Russ Feingold, where are you?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am positive that what this planet needs right now is a strong blast of positive energy. 

Don't think we can manufacture it here.  Earthlings seems inept at positive.  They are very good at negative, though.  What we need is an alter-ego.

At any rate, I am putting my faith in the cosmic forces that something will irradiate us soon and make this a better place than the toxic garden it has become.

I know there's no political solution.

I know there's no religious solution.

I know there's no winners in the survival war we fight everyday.

But I do know there is SOMETHING out there, and its headed this way, because face it, we can't go on the way we're going.  And that, my friends, is a good thing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

7 Billion and Counting

A marriage, abstinence sex ed bill is advancing through Wisconsin's state legislature.  This bill basically states that schools that teach sexual education would have to promote marriage and tell students abstinence is the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy.  This bill was passed by the state senate on Wednesday, November 2, 2011.  It now goes to the republican-run assembly. 

Currently, Wisconsin law requires sex education courses in public schools to be age-appropriate and comprehensive, covering issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and how to use birth control.  Under that law, schools can choose not to offer sex education, but they cannot offer abstinence-only courses. 

The bill approved Wednesday by the Senate would repeal most of that law.

Republicans, obviously, do not like sex.  They do not like hot sex.  They do not like good sex.  They do not like sex outside of marital bonds.  And they think that they can get us ALL not to like good, hot sex that might help us decide who a good marital partner might indeed be.

I don't understand the sexually repressed.  I don't understand their fear.  I don't understand their flirtation with keeping people ignorant.  I don't understand  their agenda, at all. 

People who reach a certain age (which gets lower and lower here in Amerika based on the Madison-avenue gospel, sex sells) become curious about sex.  Curious leads to experimentation (if they're lucky).  Experimentation, without adequate education, leads to unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted disease (if they're uneducated and unlucky).

At any rate there, obviously, is very little sex happening in republican households.  Could this be what is wrong with our current government? 

Why are republicans afraid of sex?  Good sex?  Hot sex?  Sex with people NOT our spouses?

This country needs a water cooler supplier for these republicans, delivering a fairly large dose of Viagra with every bottleful placed in their public offices.  Republicans seem to have sublimated their sexual urges into some kind of greed syndrome.  They seem to only get climactic when getting a few bucks from rednecks, rather than by physical and mutual stimulation with a hot partner.

Maybe if these people got properly laid once in awhile, the world would be a nicer place.  Or perhaps these republicans have become the pseudo servant robot in Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper", who kept the orgasamatron in his hands because the pleasure of artificial sex was just too good to let go of.  Have republican donations become the new artificial sex?  Are the Koch brothers the new whoremasters of the universe?  Here is the big question.  Do Republicans have normal sexual responses, or do they only get turned on when f*cking over lots of people in legislative orgies?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why This Country Sucks More Every Day

Okay, so Herman Cain sexually harassed women, they got paid off, and he stands in front of people and flat out lies about it.  A potential leader of the free world.  Sounds about right.

Mary Lazich, here in Wisconsin, tries to redraw senate districts to prevent Scott Walker from being recalled.  Somehow, the GOP managed to get a thinking person to join them who said this might be a very bad idea and subject to lawsuits.  (Scott Walker already has created numerous situations subject to lawsuits.)  At any rate, this vote was cancelled, but is reflective of just how far the GOP will go to break the law of the land.  No big surprise here, politics are corrupt.  Especially in Wisconsin.  Especially in the GOP.  We should really trade the GOP for the Cosa Nostra.  They, at least, seem better organized and more rational.

But the biggest joke, and the biggest pile of bull$hit is the fact that Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage is on the rocks, and it is the biggest news story on all the networks, with her overly plastic-surgeried mother appearing to defend the big a$$ed bimbo media whore.

Enough is enough.  No one of any sound mind gives a f*ck about Kim Kardashian, her extremely large a$$, her extraordinarily short marriage and the fact her ten million dollar wedding was paid for by the media, because the only claim to fame the Kardashian's have is being the biggest media whores in U.S. history.

May painful, oozing eczema boils cover Kim Kardashian's huge booty.  She will then have an idea of just how sick most people with any measurable intelligence find her, her sisters, her mother and their television shows.  At the very least, a$$ rash would keep her out of the limelight ---- and that just might kill her. 

But I see it already.  An intellectually starved America watching Kim expose her fat a$$ to sunlight on a Malibu beach to effect some cure.  The cure to Kim Kardashian, and all the Kardashian's?  Pick up a freaking book, take a walk in the park, stop being interested in these money grubbing cancers who attack intellectualism.  In short.  Get a LIFE!