Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why This Country Sucks More Every Day

Okay, so Herman Cain sexually harassed women, they got paid off, and he stands in front of people and flat out lies about it.  A potential leader of the free world.  Sounds about right.

Mary Lazich, here in Wisconsin, tries to redraw senate districts to prevent Scott Walker from being recalled.  Somehow, the GOP managed to get a thinking person to join them who said this might be a very bad idea and subject to lawsuits.  (Scott Walker already has created numerous situations subject to lawsuits.)  At any rate, this vote was cancelled, but is reflective of just how far the GOP will go to break the law of the land.  No big surprise here, politics are corrupt.  Especially in Wisconsin.  Especially in the GOP.  We should really trade the GOP for the Cosa Nostra.  They, at least, seem better organized and more rational.

But the biggest joke, and the biggest pile of bull$hit is the fact that Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage is on the rocks, and it is the biggest news story on all the networks, with her overly plastic-surgeried mother appearing to defend the big a$$ed bimbo media whore.

Enough is enough.  No one of any sound mind gives a f*ck about Kim Kardashian, her extremely large a$$, her extraordinarily short marriage and the fact her ten million dollar wedding was paid for by the media, because the only claim to fame the Kardashian's have is being the biggest media whores in U.S. history.

May painful, oozing eczema boils cover Kim Kardashian's huge booty.  She will then have an idea of just how sick most people with any measurable intelligence find her, her sisters, her mother and their television shows.  At the very least, a$$ rash would keep her out of the limelight ---- and that just might kill her. 

But I see it already.  An intellectually starved America watching Kim expose her fat a$$ to sunlight on a Malibu beach to effect some cure.  The cure to Kim Kardashian, and all the Kardashian's?  Pick up a freaking book, take a walk in the park, stop being interested in these money grubbing cancers who attack intellectualism.  In short.  Get a LIFE!

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