Thursday, November 17, 2011

Herman Cain Now Under Secret Service Protection

Can you believe it.  Herman Cain has requested, and received, secret service protection.

Damn It.  Where's my Secret Service Protection?  Who is going to protect me from the roster of first class idiots the republican party has slated for the next presidential run?

I demand equal treatment under the law. 

I shouldn't have to watch Rick Perry try to remember why he's standing at a podium.

I shouldn't have to watch Herman Cain try to figure out what Libya is.

These people are damaging my intelligence.  I demand Secret Service protection from these assaults on my brain. 

I thought Sarah Palin was a menace to higher thought processes, but she's nothing in light of this first class run of  special needs politicians.  Seriously, I can't even begin to think of America as anything less than a really distasteful joke.  On me.

Someone please commit the United States to mandatory psychological treatment.  It is a country totally consumed by psychotic leaders.

If we, indeed, continue to build the wall around this joint that everyone seems to want, let's make sure it's fully padded.  And please, throw away the key.

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