Tuesday, November 29, 2011

300,000 and Counting

Just a little over two weeks and already 300,000 signatures have been collected in support of the recall of our Idiot Governor-Eject, Scott Walker.  Since we only need 500,000 and change in signatures by January, I don't think we have a problem, here.  The momentum to recall Scott Walker and get him out of a job he is unqualified to perform is monumentally successful.  All this in just two weeks.

People of Wisconsin have a voice, and it will drown out the voices of the uber-rich, the stony of democratic heart, and the plain ignoramus' who voted this yokel into office in the first place.  Power to the people.

Despite the fact that this movement is definitely on track and picking up speed like an out of control freight train, I urge Wisconsinites not to lose sight of the importance of grass roots movements.  Continue to collect signatures, continue to educate the people who have become so numb from negative politics, they aren't able to make informed choices, and continue to do your part to remove Scott Walker from office.

We are the people.  We are Wisconsin.  We are not going to take any abuses, anymore.  And I don't care how much money you pour into Wisconsin to defeat us.  Your cash ain't nothin' but trash.

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