Friday, November 11, 2011

No Wonder - It's Wisconsin

Gees, if things could get any creepier around this state, I'd be surprised.  What is it about this region?  The climate?  The water?  The beer?

Anyhow, we have another story about bizarre crimes committed by Wisconsinites.  Around here, they're a dime a dozen, but frankly, it's just weird how strange the outliers actually are in this state. 

For example:

Ed Gein.  In the 1950's, he dug up graves, murdered women, dressed them out like deer in his garage, made lamp shades out of human skin, and was the model for Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lector, and Anthony Perkins' Norman Bates in Psycho. 

Jeffrey Dahmer.  Oy vey, need I say more?  He tried to zombify his victims by drilling holes in their skulls and pouring in acid.  Also a cannibal.  For those of you who like chocolate, he used to work at Ambrosia Chocolate here in Milwaukee.  Goodness knows what a little something extra went out with industrial vats of chocolate during Dahmer's tenure. 

The Jack the Ripper Girls.  These girls, back in the seventies, were trying to revive the spirit of Jack the Ripper by axing a guy they lured to their flat and then tied up and hacked up.  He survived after a few ax whacks to the head and torso.  But really......Jack the Ripper? 

The Werewolf spirits.  A poor man, lured to Milwaukee from Arizona by the promise of sex from a young girl finds himself standing naked on the street with 300 stab wounds (most superficial).  Apparently, the young woman and her roommate were of the belief that they were werewolves and needed to perform bloody sex to satisfy their wolf spirits.  Apparently, their dog also was a victim of their bizarre rituals.  Poor dog.  Poor guy too, but it should be a lesson out there.....don't travel for sex.  There's bound to be strings attached.

Anyhow, these strange criminals come out of Wisconsin.  So does Scott Walker.  Kind of a scary thought, since Walker's crimes against citizens seem to be adding up.  He must be Half Man/Half Nuts.  Whatever, just another scary criminal Wisconsin has produced.

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