Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Look at It

I am back from a hand injury and can type again, which I'm sure makes some people especially unhappy.  Nevertheless, here I am.

It was interesting to read about the high cost of providing security to Scott Walker, his family, and his loyal, if misguided, devotees.  Apparently, Mr. Walker is receiving death threats and needs extra manpower to keep him safe.  These costs are paid for by the average, non-represented Wisconsin citizen.

Here is the rub.  If a leader acts in such a way that his very life is jeopardized, is he the leader we want?  Is he a leader at all?  After Scott Walker trampled the rights of most of the people in the State of Wisconsin, should we be surprised that people are fighting mad and want him gone? 

I don't advocate violence, never have.  My belief is that all problems can be solved intellectually.  Of course, that assumes that the people who have to resolve the problems have an intellect to begin with.

Now that the Ohio collective bargaining disgrace has been overturned by the voice of the people, Walker's recall election will gear up here in Wisconsin.  Here is the thing to remember.  Scott Walker will have a major influx of radical right millionaire money pouring into his coffers to fight the recall. 

Scott Walker will not appear in public much, because even with his extremely thick skull, the information is starting to penetrate that he is reviled.  He will, however, mount a television commercial campaign of outright lies and tampered statistics. 

Please remember these facts:

There has been no increase in jobs for Wisconsin citizens.
Corporate welfare has kicked up so many notches here in Wisconsin that the average Wisconsin worker has virtually no employment rights.
A war on teachers and educators is still being waged by the Walker Administration.
Everyone in Wisconsin, except the top 1% wage earners, or millionaires, has been harmed by Scott Walker and his ridiculous and radical politics.  (Note to people who thinks they are rich......wake up and smell the feces in your garden of rigidly conservative thought processes.  Unless you're a millionaire, there is nothing in Walker's administration that will be good for you.  If you think otherwise, you really need to go back to school).
Not only are people under assault from the Walker administration, the environment is, too.

At any rate, I urge all Citizens of Wisconsin to pay attention NOT to Scott Walkers commercials, but to the groups who pay for them, i.e., the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Progress, Wisconsin Manufacturing & Commerce, etc.  These are nice labels for not so nice people, and these groups are made up of millionaires.  They have nothing in common with the common people.  Reject the lies they will try to disseminate in order to keep their puppet dog in office. 

Wake up Wisconsin.  Let's rid ourselves of the vermin that is Scott Walker and the radical right. 

Let's find an intelligent leader.  Russ Feingold, where are you?

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