Monday, November 14, 2011

The Mask of Sanity and the Art of Self Deception

Are you wearing the mask of sanity? 

Here's what it looks like.  You portray yourself as a fine, upstanding, morally correct, compassionate and benevolent person.  But when the mask comes off, you're exposed as a fraud, a liar, a cheat, ambitious to a fault, i.e., you'll say and do anything to promote yourself, and you will ALWAYS find a way to blame an innocent person for your own personal crimes against them.

Gees.  Sounds like I just described certain members of my family. 

The Art of Self Deception is that you will wear the mask of sanity, and you will never develop any insight into your less than honorable motives or your fraudulent behavior.  You will never acknowledge that a fairly large part of you stinks to lowest hell.  Those of us who hold our noses in your presence know otherwise, but we also know its best not to point out the shortcomings in your personality.  Your delusion is all you have, and we're happy to let you have it.

We're also smart enough not to let you anywhere near us.

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