Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recall Petitions

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is so upset that Recall Walker petitions were available for signature outside shopping malls.


The Republicans should not worry.  Most Wisconsinites don't venture to malls because they're unemployed, or their income/benefits were slashed so drastically, there is no disposable income to spend at malls.  All of this financial heartache being brought to you courtesy of Republican politics.

I happily signed a petition this weekend.  Scott Walker is a menace to mankind.  Sending him packing will be one of the greatest achievements of my life.

Is Scott Walker worried?  If he's not, then I guess that's the final proof positive that the man is a complete and utter moron.  Will the Republicans use every dirty trick in their political pornographic bag of tricks to fight the recall?  Of course they will.  This is, after all, the party of unscrupulous and underhanded tactics.  It must be tough to be a republican in Wisconsin in this day and age.  The sporting of dunce caps has never been an esteemed fashion statement. 

So, here's my thought.  All television ads touting Scott Walker as a "good" governor should be deemed pornography.  Dirty.  Lying.  Contact with strangers for money.  I wonder if I can make a complaint to the FCC for exposing me to this repulsive commercial activity.  Probably not.  What I can do is circulate petitions for the recall, and in this, I am actively engaged. 

Sign a petition today and let's get Wisconsin back on track.  Recall Walker.  It is Wisconsin's mantra du jour.

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