Monday, November 28, 2011

A Familiar Rant

Okay, so this is one of my biggest rants, but I'm going to say it again.  Nowhere, in the budget deficit debacle that our elected representatives are trying to tackle, is there any mention of cutting the military budget.

Know why?

Because our entire country's economy is based on going to war somewhere to keep the military/industrial complex up and running.

So now that we're pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, how are we going to support the military/industrial complex?

Well, obviously, we will have to invade someone.  My guess, Iran. 

Do Americans realize that billions of dollars worth of equipment will be left behind in both Iraq and Afghanistan?  Gotta keep that military/industrial complex running.  If we leave behind 16,000 trucks, well, tax dollars will be used to have them built and shipped off again. 

Do Americans realize that the military budget is the biggest drain on tax dollars? 

Do Americans realize that our entire country's economy is based on being at war somewhere?

Just for a moment, forget about the dollars, what about the personal cost to families who lose people in these conflicts.  We lost 55,000 soldiers during Vietnam.  For what?  What gain was made in Vietnam?   Looking back now, it was a war about nothing, except keeping that military/industrial complex soaked in taxpayer dollars.

It is a complete and total embarrassment to be an American these days.  Add to that, being an American in Wisconsin is humiliating beyond description. 

America needs to change it's military presence from warmonger to peacekeeper.  That, alone, could be accomplished with far less taxpayer dollars, and promote a global image that isn't, well, downright disgusting.  It's hard to imagine a peacekeeping force.  The bombs bursting in air, well, it is part of our national anthem, isn't it.

I propose we change our national anthem to Woody Guthrie's great folk song, "This Land is Your Land".  I wish I could divorce my alliance to this country, because it stands for nothing I believe in anymore.  Please send me money so I can move to a country I can be proud of.

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