Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scott Walker - No Pardon Me

It's interesting that Scott Walker has not pardoned anyone, nor does he plan to.

This seems to be a republican thing.  If you make a mistake, you must pay forever.  Punitive behavior is the mark of the GOP. 

I come from a Norwegian family; punitive behavior is a hallmark of Norwegians.  Never forgive.  Never (let them) forget.  Never give anyone a break.  Always make them pay the price.  Always find someone to blame.  Never believe bad things happen to good people.  Gees.  I can't believe how punitive my family is.  I guess this predisposition for unforgiving is all tied up in their own sense of self-worth.  Or its deflective behavior typical of passive/aggressive personalities.  Whatever, I'm glad I understand my family and glad that I can take steps to protect myself from their judgments.  It is rather easy.  These people are in no position to judge anyone, so they, basically, are stone casters and I've removed myself from their strike zone.

It's harder for one of two major political parties to hold this "holier than thou" view, and to expect the citizenry to admire them for it. 

But then, there's Herman Cain, he of the wondering phallus.  Now how this presidential candidate thinks he still has any chance at the oval office, with all the women coming forward with information about his extra marital activities, is beyond me.  But he perseveres.  It's interesting how the GOP crucified Bill Clinton with the Monica Lewinsky debacle.  Yet, Herman Cain flat out denies any wrongdoing.  And Newt Gingrich?  Am I the only one who remembers this guy with the same roving appendage that seems to plague Herman Cain, was so audacious that while his wife was dying, he was dallying with another woman?  

The GOP is the party of hypocrites.  Just what America needs, more judgmental liars who have conveniently forgotten their own misdeeds.  Funny, I thought elephants have long memories. Apparently, not where sex is concerned.  GOP.  The Party of Little Heads.

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