Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Does Scott Walker Know About Crossing A Line?

Our Governor-Eject said on a radio program this morning that a recall Walker protest targeting his home in Wauwatosa was "crossing the line".

What does Scott Walker know about crossing any lines?  This hopeless meanie thinks trampling the rights of hundreds of thousands of workers in Wisconsin isn't crossing the line?  Scott Walker's Playbook is for the Mentally Challenged, obviously.  It would have to be.

Here's a clue, Walker.  Get used to it.  The citizens of this state will cross all kinds of lines to rid themselves of the likes of you. 

And when you're busy touting your record (what record?), remember to tell the citizens of Wisconsin that the cost of providing security to you is more than double what it was for the last governor.  You haven't saved Wisconsin citizens anything; you have cost us all dearly, with your radical and hidden agendas.  People despise you.  Why would you expect anything less?

Don't pout, Walker, when the citizens are exercising their right to protest your policies in front of your house.  That comes with the territory you've personally landscaped.  And if some of those citizens are carrying guns, well, after all, you gave them that right. 

But here's a thought.......why not resign now, and save us all a lot of trouble.

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