Monday, October 31, 2011

Alien Intervention

I think that the only possible thing that can save this planet is alien intervention by a higher intelligence species able to time warp.  We really need to get the monkey out.

We have people who want to be our leaders who come right out and say they don't believe in global warming or that it is caused by CO2 emissions.  Leaders. 

Here is my 21st Century Prayer:

Help Me Alien, For I'm Enslaved by the Sincerely Stupid.

Today, Planet Earth reached  a population of 7 billion people, but we have our religious leaders forbidding contraception and our political leaders banning abortion. 

Help Me Alien, For I'm Enslaved by a Misogynist Group of Short-sighted men and even dumber women who want to save fetuses while trampling on the people they become, once born.  Why is a fetus more important than a birthed individual?  Why is it okay to torture human beings, but not okay to abort a fetus?  What is this preoccupation with a fetus?  Who are these uterine police?  Where is the justice for an individual born to a mother who can't support it outside the womb?  Help Me Alien!

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