Monday, October 24, 2011

Ron Johnson

I read with disgust the news that Ron Johnson's family trust had recently purchased a million dollar plus townhouse for him in Washington D.C. 

Ron Johnson.  Elected to a senate seat formerly held by Russ Feingold.  Ron Johnson.  A raging right wing millionaire who has absolutely no clue whatsoever about this country and the great people who suffer under its unfair politics.

Ron Johnson.

I can only hope that Ron Johnson's new digs is mostly made up of bathrooms (high end, of course).  This guy is so full of $hit, he'll need them.  I guess he plans to be in Washington for awhile.  I wonder how much money he'll pay (oops - his wife's daddy will pay) for his next term?

People of Wisconsin who voted this yokel into office - hang your heads in shame.  Once you pull them out of your stupid arses.

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