Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Scott Walker seems to have slipped off the radar of the public eye.

That doesn't mean he isn't busy enacting ridiculous laws, like his concealed carry legislation.  I can't wait to step out of my door on November 1st and start dodging bullets from Americans (not necessarily known for their wisdom or discretion) who are now legally allowed to pack their pistols right next to their unpacked heads.

Here in Wisconsin, though, its interesting to note that Walker seems to have dropped out of sight.  Could this possibly signal some event on the horizon tied in with the John Doe investigation here in Milwaukee?  One can only hope that Scott Walker's unfamiliarity with all things legitimate will be his final undoing.  Well, when you lie down with dogs......

Ignorance may be no excuse, but stupid is a character trait we should not be revering in our elected officials.  As Mrs. Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does."

Jeff Fitzgerald of the infamous Fitzgerald brothers of the Wisconsin statehouse, will run for Senator Herb Kohl's seat.  One word of advice to Jeff your money.  There may still be many voting idiots living in Wisconsin, but not enough to elect you to anything.  Tammy Baldwin will certainly win that election.  The only thing Jeff Fitzgerald can win is contempt and disdain from thoughtful Wisconsinites.  If he had a clue, he'd know that.

Oh, if I only had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future of Wisconsin politics.  Would I like what I see?  Would you?  Here's a heads up.  You don't need a crystal ball.  Just stay active in the Wisconsin political arena, and rise up to recall Scott Walker, if the clueless wonder hasn't completely undone himself.  That possibility is entirely likely.  The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they turn.  We can only hope.

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