Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I do this every year; list the things I'm going to officially try to accomplish for 2014.  Doesn't usually work out, so maybe I should rename this New Year's Re- Delusions.  But here goes.

1.  Cigarettes.  Yes.  Every year.  On the list.  Been two days since I lit up.  All I can say is I enjoy being an addict and why wouldn't I?  However, I do not enjoy having a cough or hearing about people I know who have developed COPD. 

2.  Lose weight.  This I need to take seriously since I live in the land where less clothing is definitely more optimal.  I used to be able to hide those ten pounds under sweaters, boots and excellently tailored pants.  No longer possible.  I have 3 weeks to lose some fattage that's hanging around my mid section.  This one I must accomplish.

3.  Eat less sugar.  Uh huh.  Right.  I love sugar, too.  Well, alright, enough is enough.  I don't want to develop diabetes.  I guess I should take this somewhat more seriously than I do.

4.  Stop being so generous.  This has become a fault with me; wherein I'm cutting off my means to make sure other people have what they need.  That is not necessarily my responsibility and I need to realize it.  This will be hard for me since our society is so f*cked up right now and most people are having a very difficult time financially.

5.  I will beep my horn less at all these rotten Louisiana drivers as it seems to be the ultimate expression of bad manners here.  They can cut you off, rear end you, cross the center line and cause your death, and all of that is more acceptable here than beeping a horn.  I just like to beep my horn.  Sometimes I do it for no reason.  Boy do people get mad here when you beep your horn.  It's sort of like talking with your mouth full of food.

6.  I will increase my lap swimming time from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and I will go to the pool a minimum of five days per week. 

7.  I will write a minimum of one page per day on anything that's not a blog, an e-mail or a Facebook post.

8.  I will eat more fish and I will cook more creatively.

That's it.  That's a lot.  That's probably far less than what I need to do, but it's a start.

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