Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Highlights and Low Lifes

Biggest thing for me - I got the hell out of that ice hole known as Wisconsin.  Louisiana is as backwards as a state can get, but my goodness, what a nice climate!  And also, it is so rich in history and culture, I'm constantly amazed at how alive this state is and how it embraces its cultural diversity.

I discovered Cajun cooking.

I know my way around Baton Rouge and New Orleans; enough to be a somewhat confused tour guide.

ObamaCare was enacted into law.

Pot is legal in a few states - and it should be legalized everywhere, as well as taxed so we can pay down the horrendous deficit.

Jindal won't be governor much longer.

One of the Koch brothers got swindled out of 5 million bucks for some bogus wine. 

My tenant back in Milwaukee is absolutely a perfect person to have living in a house I desperately need to sell soon, because I'm never going back there to live.  Period.

No hurricanes passed through Louisiana this year.

Low Lifes:

The republicans shut down the government, costing us and future taxpayers billions of dollars.  Here's hoping every voter remembers this come election day. No wonder the republicans are so anti-abortion. 

Some backwoods yokel with an A&E show got away with not only stupidly racist and homophobic comments, he got the governor of Louisiana to stand up for him and for a cable network to back down on taking a stand against this type of behavior.  A&E must stand for a$$holes egregious.
Won't ever be tuned in on one of my televisions.

Let's hope Miley Cyrus is just young - and will develop something bordering on class and taste someday.

BP continues to f*ck over the citizens and environment of Louisiana.

All in all, a pretty standard year for a very sick society.

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