Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recall Congress? How about giving a tax break to intelligent voters?

With the approval rating of the current congress at less than 30%; shouldn't there be some mechanism to kick the butts out of office for these time/money wasters.  Let's send them back to their congressional districts, where they could be beaten to a bloody pulp by the locals who didn't vote them into office.

I think this country only operates on a monetary reward system, so I feel anyone who can prove they didn't vote for a particular moron posing as a congressional representative should get a $10,000 tax credit.  For the voters who elected them, well, a lack of any measurable intelligence seems fitting enough as a punishment.

Everyday, the paperboy brings more. 

I know a business would fire their entire executive staff if their productivity ratio was at less than 30%.  Why can't we fire congressional members for nonperformance?  Why don't we have term limits?  Why is there nothing the citizens of this country can do to outsmart a bunch of lunatics who call themselves our leaders?

I like to be in Amerika.
Okay by me in Amerika.
Everything free in Amerika.
If you are crooks in Amerika.

Face it.  We're a nation run by thugs, money grubbers, and corrupt imposters.  Costa Rica --- Looking Better Every Day!

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