Monday, December 23, 2013

The United States is Untied

Just watched 60 Minutes and saw some footage of indoor pot growing operations that will be regulated, monitored, sold for recreational purposes and taxed appropriately in Colorado.

Last night on the news here in Louisiana, the biggest story was a big pot bust --- well, they did get weapons and cash, too, and probably some narcotic painkillers, but the pot bust was the big news. 

I think it is completely weird to live in a country utterly schizophrenic.  I can smoke pot and marry my same sex partner in Colorado, but I'll be arrested if I do it in Alabama? 

I think its time we move beyond the powers given to the states, and start thinking on a national, normal and sane level.  If we have to have separations, lets separate by zones, i.e., anyone living in states that get a lot of snow, states that are completely arid, states that are bounded by oceans, states that are so boring people cry when they have to drive through them, etc.

The United States is muddled in its answers to big questions and its scary to think about how much firepower we have when it appears we don't have very much brain power. 

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