Monday, December 9, 2013

New Things to Appall Me

Being a retired person, I surf the net.  A lot. 

So here's a couple of rants for today:

1.  Sarah Palin is going to host a red, white and blue outdoor show.  Why can't Sarah Palin just go raise her family and get out of the public eye.  Publicity is like heroin, I guess, and Sarah's hooked.  She is such an abominable human being, I can't imagine anyone tuning in to watch her shoot something, unless it's herself in the foot.  Which would make a great episode 1.

2.  Everybody hates the pop ups.  You go to read an article that looks interesting, but first, you have to watch Jennifer Aniston hawking some cheap skin lotion, that we all KNOW Jennifer Aniston would NEVER use.  Jennifer Aniston, mediocre as she is as an actress, has made millions of dollars.  Why does she have to hawk anything?  How much money is enough for someone like Jennifer Aniston?   Apparently, she'll never know.  And, as she ages, I predict she'll start hawking all the trappings of age; LifeAlert, Depends, Constipation Nation, bone calcium.  Whatever, I just get so damn sick of pop ups, especially the ones starring Jennifer Aniston.  Does anyone who lives in a ginormous mansion in Beverly Hills REALLY need to sell Aveeno skin lotion.  Methinks we've got a needy seedy greedy here.

3.  The Milwaukee Urinal, the local paper in that bastion of boredom, southeastern Wisconsin, really has a Viagra induced six hour hard on for Mary Burke --- Scott Walker's sure to be nominated challenger.  The Urinal is a very right-wing publication (can't bring myself to call it a newspaper), and they certainly have always championed that bubble brained Walker.  Mary Burke is the absolute best choice to topple the Walker F*ck Dynasty.  So citizens of Wisconsin, prepare yourself for pee yellow journalism (and I use the term "journalism" very loosely here) in the next gubernatorial election.  And of course, the Koch(sucker) brothers will get into the slander seat, as well.  Mary Burke is going to need true grit.  Let's hope she's got it.

4.  Vanity Fair magazine and the New York attorney general have exposed Donald Trump's higher education school of how to be a wise investor as so much schlock and fraud.  Boy is the Donald mad about that article.  Even madder about the litigation against him and the contention that he defrauded an awful lot of yup and comers out of their tuition money.  I've never liked Donald Trump.  He's always been a horse's a$$, except horse's a$$es have better hair.  It will be kind of fun to watch the Donald become the exposed grifter.  Now if he opened up a research lab that could conjure up the greed gene and offer to stick it in your A$$ for $3500, that might be an entrepreneurial path well worth his pursual.

Okay, feel better now. 

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