Thursday, December 19, 2013


Dennis Rodman going to visit his bestie, Kim Jong Il in North Korea?  What the hell is wrong with Dennis Rodman, that he would align himself with a little pr*ck like Kim Jong Il?  Obviously, Dennis Rodman is a publicity whore who can't get any attention except by doing something outrageous and inappropriate.  Why are so many "celebrities" willing to sell themselves out to stay in the public eye?  Glad I'm a nobody when I see someone like Dennis Rodman behaving in a truly disgusting way.
I truly hope he makes a serious faux pas with Korean etiquette and ends up in one of Kim's jails.  Then he'll be crying for the State Department to help him out.  I also hope the cell they put him in is very, very small and they feed him muddy rice with worms in it.

The Duck Dynasty guy hating on gays?  Just further proof you can give a backwoods cracker his own television show, but you can't regulate his small-mindedness --- no matter how much money is involved.  Backwoods cracker is as disgusting a term as anything he might have said about gay people, so I just want him to see how it feels to carry a totally erroneous and mean label.

Is it really Christmas next week?  It's 75 degrees here today.  I have foregone putting up a Xmas tree this year.  Not feeling the season at all; which is about right for a Unitarian Universalist.  I like the exchanging of presents and I respect the story and the beliefs of Christians, but I've reached a point where it's more of a solstice celebration for me.  We'll be at the casino on Xmas day, where I hope to win the little red Fiat so I can give it to my daughter-in-law.  Tim has always won big money on Xmas day at the casino, so let's hope that trend continues.  Better yet -- it's my turn to win big.

No coverage in the media here about the big explosion we heard the other night.  Rumors are that it was a meth lab blowing up somewhere in the bayou.  I hated Milwaukee news stations, because they would get 10 stores, and regurgitate them all day long, calling it a news program.  At least they got the news.  Down here, well, nothing about it at all.  No info.  Very interesting.  If it was an explosion at a chemical plant, well that's a bit of a concern to me that it was not covered by the media.

No ideal place to live on this planet, which is such an amazing and sad thing.  Here we are on a garden planet and all we're planting is greed, intolerance, firepower and misery.  And it's fertile here, those things have really taken off.  Sure wish we'd have some alien intervention. 

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