Monday, March 3, 2014

Bobby Jindal Completely Sold Louisiana

I don't understand how a governor can come in and completely decimate a state and all of its natural resources, then think he should run for president.

Bobby Jindal is every thinking man's nightmare as a politician.  Over $3 billion given to corporations (mostly chemical and petro-chemical) in tax credits, and to add insult to injury, these companies are allowed to operate almost free of any oversight, whatsoever, endangering workers and residents who live close by.  Meanwhile, there is a complete lack of any meaningful public services available to the citizens of the state.

The oil/gas exploration industry is under fire to fix the damage they've done to Louisiana's coast; but there is no outrage on the part of Bobby Jindal.  In fact, he looks for ways to NOT demand corporations take any responsibility for the environmental destruction they cause.  Hard to imagine an educated person so clueless about basic science, but there he is.

Never in my life have I seen a human being less fit for any kind of public office than Bobby Jindal.  Ooops - yes I have - Scott Walker up in Wisconsin.

These two clowns are almost as scary as Putin in Russia.  Putin wants to return to that old soviet way of things.  Walker and Jindal haven't got a clue what they want, except not to be unmasked as the total frauds they actually are.  They do that by blowing smoke up people's a$$es in the name of "tax cuts".  Sheesh.  Why don't they just call themselves what they are.... Reverse Robin Hoods --- stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

I'm here to tell you Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal are frauds and unless and until the people in Wisconsin and Louisiana put their thinking caps back on, these types of insane politicians will continue to destroy things.

Forget about crapping where you eat.  These yokels eat their own crap and expect you too, as well.  And like it.

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AlexisAR said...

They're scary people. You have lousy luck in terms of the chief executives in the states in which you live or have lived.