Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Okay, so a simple man, a pope, but really nothing more than a simple man, decides to sanctify two other popes. 

Anyone else see this as ludicrous?  Ridiculous?  Taking liberties?  Elevating oneself to God status? 

I really don't get the false gods of the catholic church.  I really don't get the catholic church.  But that's alright.  It's just that my spiritual power tells me to respect other people's beliefs and religious rites, but I find this very difficult when it comes to catholics. 

What would happen if the pope claimed the environment to be a saint --- which it is since it sustains all of us.  Would people have more respect for the environment then?  Would BP pay their claims for the gulf disaster they created? 

Since I'm on a rant already - let me just ask the question why BP is allowed to continue to operate in the United States?  What is wrong with this country?  Why haven't we completely doused all BP executives in crude oil and forced them and their offspring live that way for the next 100 years?  It's karmic to do so.  Of course, when you're an oily grease ball to begin with, I guess it wouldn't matter.

And on that note, why is there always a catfish lawyer out to make an illegal buck, precluding the people who legitimately deserve to be compensated from the gulf disaster from collecting damages.  Catfish lawyers - the bottom feeders of society, give all attorneys a bad name.  It's a shame that predatory people are ALWAYS surrounding us. 

The popes feed off the fear of the common man not unlike sharks in the water.

The catfish lawyers feed off the misery of the common man.

The politicians feed off the public tax trough, and all become pigs, despite their best intentions.

We are a disgusting example of a life form.  And I think mother earth is going to get rid of us very soon.

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