Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cliches Run Rampant in the South

I just watched the Baton Rouge evening news, and had to laugh at the bourbon swilling-southern talking, Hollywood Screen Test perfect epitome of a Louisiana politician talk about how he doesn't care what the rest of the country does, there will be NO relaxation of marijuana penalties here in the State of Louisiana.

Hysterical.  I couldn't even get mad; this guy was such a cliché.  He was so typical of what you think of when you think of a southern politician.  The only thing missing was the grift cash hanging out of his pockets.

I was never a big pot smoker, although I had my moments.  I don't necessarily believe that America will be a better place if all the stoned people are now legally stoned.  I do believe that the legalization of marijuana would get this country out of debt in less than a decade.  I don't understand why republicans don't jump on that bandwagon, since all they do is cry about debt.  I guess their idea of paying off the national deficit is best served by doing it off the back of the ever-shrinking middle class.  republicans love to torture and feel superior.  How are they ever going to torture pot smoking deficit paying stoners? 


Aye Carumba --- seriously?  Stoners generally are content to live in a little fog; to enhance their appreciation of music; to get the most out of a chocolate chip cookie or a movie (which they'll see twice because they can't quite remember it after just one viewing).  Of all the dumb things I did because I had smoked marijuana, I never once thought about going out to buy heroin or methamphetamine.  This argument is as old as Kentucky bourbon. 

Again, I fall back on my standby stance of what is wrong with America today.  Rich, old white men  in positions of power.  Let's take their bourbon away!!!!! 

Let's say no old white men over 60 and whom are seated politicians can have bourbon anymore until the marijuana laws are normalized.  Watch how FAST that freakin' happens!

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