Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Louisiana Legislature and Reproductive Health

Pretty as it is in this state, and as far from any city I've ever been in as New Orleans is; here are a few basic facts that keeps the people in Louisiana oppressed and downtrodden.

How Louisiana fares in national statistics:

#1 Baton Rouge ranking in AIDS case rate for a metropolitan area.

In Louisiana:

#2 for Gonorrhea

#3 for Syphilis

#4 for Chlamydia

#6 in teen pregnancy

Now lest you think I moved to Louisiana for it's progressive political views; here is how the Louisiana Legislature has responded to the problems listed above:

HB305.  Hoffman.  Restricts individuals who work for an organization with any affiliation to an abortion provider from delivering age appropriate sex education in schools.  VOTE NO.

Hoffman must be a man.  And I ask the age-old question; why does a MAN think he should have anything at all to say about a woman's reproductive choices?  Unless you let women make decisions about removing one of your testicles in an effort to prevent testosterone fueled violence - stay the hell out of my uterine wall.

HB727.  Ivey.  Requires abortion providers to give state mandated materials containing misleading health information to women seeking an abortion.  VOTE NO.

Don't know who Ivey is; but man or woman; it's Louisiana politics at its best; let's give false, provocative, and misleading information to people in place of the simple truth - which obviously the great people in this state don't deserve because they're too stupid to comprehend it.  After all, they voted for IVEY and this is IVEY's way of thinking.

HB388.  Requires that any physician providing abortions must have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles.  If passed, it will potentially close 3 of the 5 abortion providers in the state.

3 of 5 providers in the state?  Do you know how big Louisiana is?  And since it ranks #6 in teen pregnancy, obviously no sex education is happening in the schools.  And since it is at the very bottom of any state in providing services to the poor, the mentally ill, the elderly, or women (especially single mother women) --- well then, why try to prevent abortion?  There can only be one answer.   Louisiana obviously has no problem with the post-natal torture, starvation and murder of children. 

Louisiana --- one state line from being Texas.  And there's no place dumber than TEXASS!

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